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that of用法

The connection takes place when the voltage network matches that of the capacitor when it is partially or totally loaded, as seen Fig.1.


不太懂that of用法

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    電容器在半或全負載時,當它的電壓和網路電壓相當時,連接就會產 (發) 生.

    "that" means "voltage".

    that of the capacitor = the voltage of the capacitor

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    You need to know how capacitor works, then you can understand the sentence better, here is a link to explain how it works:


    Basically, capacitor is a device to store energy (in voltage form).

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    The most common one is to use with an electrical motor. As you might know, to start a motor you need quite an amount of energy (especially, the voltage), therefore, lots of time, a motor will have a capacitor connects to it,

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    and let the capacitor to build up the needed voltage before send the energy to the motor to turn (or start) it.

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    before send ...=> before sending ...

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    How capacitors work 和 "that of" 的用法 - 根本八桿子打不著