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我這次要介紹的是我出國的經驗,這張照片是我國小畢業去Club Med玩的時候拍的,Club Med是一個度假村,它的全名是 Club Mediterranean,它在世界各地都有,我去的這個是位在馬來西亞的珍拉汀灣。Club Med裡面有專門讓小朋友及青少年參加的俱樂部,可以讓你跟自己年齡相仿來自世界各地的人認識,然後會有G..O帶著大家一起從事各種活動,G..O的意思是Gentle Organizer,他們是度假村的員工,他們都非常友善跟熱情,另一點很特別的是,Club Med裡面有專門的攝影師,他會出現在度假村的各個地方,幫大家拍照,然後他會把拍到的照片,放到一個佈告欄上,你就可以去找找看自己在哪裡,喜歡的話可以把照片買下來,像我就買了兩張,這張是我們去玩風帆的時候拍的,其實那個時候我已經暈船快要吐出來了,沒想到這時候攝影師就跑出來幫我們拍照,不過我笑的滿自然的,看不出來要吐的樣子,另一張是我們一起去玩射箭的時候拍的,在我身旁的就是跟我一起參加俱樂部的人,前面趴在地上的這個人就是我的G..O。其實剛開始去青少年俱樂部的時候超緊張的,覺得自己像啞巴一樣什麼都不敢說,我阿姨跟我說你可以去試試看,不喜歡的話第二天就不要去,不過後來感覺慢慢變好了,之後的每一天我都有去,我覺得這次對我來說是一個很棒的體驗,除了可以練習自己的英文能力之外,也可以訓練自己的膽量。如果大家以後想出國的話都可以去去看,真的很好玩。

This time I want to introduce my go abroad experience, this picture was shot by Club Med when I was graduated in the elementary school, Club Med is a resort, and its full name is Club Mediterranean, Club Med are all over the world, I went to this place is located in Malaysia’s Cherating Beach. Club Med has a Club for children and teenagers, you can know many same age people from different places of the world, and it will has G.O to take everybody do many things, G.O means Gentle Organizer, they are resort staff, they are all very friendly and zealous, another special is the resort has a photographer, he will show up in everywhere, and take pictures, then he will put the pictures on the bulletin board, and you can look for where you are, if you like this picture you can buy it, I bought two, this one was shot when we played windsurfing, In fact, at that time, I've been seasick almost threw up, but I didn’t expect that the photographer will came out and take the picture, fortunately, I laughed very naturally, can’t seen that I want to threw up, another one was shot when we played archery, by my side who are with me to join the club, you can see this man lying on the floor, he is my G.O.


In fact, first day I go to teenagers club I was very nervous, because I feel like a dumb, I am afraid say anything, my aunt told me, you can go to try it, if you don’t like then don’t go next day, but get along after while I feel getting better, and I go to the teenagers club after each day, I think

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I think this is a great experience for me, I can practice my English ability and also can trains my guts. If anybody want to go abroad, you can go to Club Med, it's really fun.

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    Thistime I want to introduce my going abroad experience. This picture was taken atClub Med when I was just graduated from elementary school. Club Med is a resortfacility, and its full name is Club Mediterranean. Club Med has many resortfacilities scattered all over the world. The one I visited last time was locatedin Malaysia ’s Cherating Beach. Club Med has Clubs for childrenand teenagers. You can meet many people about the same age as you fromdifferent places of the world, and it will have G.O to take everybody doingmany things. G.O means Gentle Organizer who are the staffs of the resort. Theyare all very friendly and zealous. Another special is that the resort has aphotographer who will show up everywhere, and take pictures. Then he will putthe pictures on the bulletin board, and you can look for the pictures of yoursposting on the board. If you like any of these picture you can buy it. I boughttwo; this one was taken when we were playing windsurfing. In fact, at thattime, I've been seasick almost threw up. However, I didn’t. I expected that thephotographer might come out and took the picture. Fortunately, I laughed verynaturally and did not show that I was going to threw up. Another one was taken whenwe were playing archery. The person stood by my side was my tour mate who was withme to join the club. You can see this man lying on the floor, he was my G.O.In fact,the first day I went to teenagers club and I was very nervous, because I felt myselfas if a dumb. I was afraid of saying anything. My aunt told me that I should goand try it. If you didn’t like then don’t go next day. However, later on, I gotalong after a while and I felt getting better. And I went to the teenagers clubevery day.

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    I want to introduce my study abroad experience, this photograph is my small graduated to Club Med to play when shot, Club Med is a resort, its full name is the Club Mediterranean, everywhere in the world, I went to in Malaysia lating Jane Bay. Club Med with a special participation of children and young people's Club, you can have your own age from all over the world people know, and G.. O engaged in various activities together with you, g ... O of mean is Gentle Organizer, they is resort of employees, they are very friendly with enthusiasm, another is is special of is, Club Med inside has specialized of photographer, he will appears in resort of all local, help members photographed, then he will to shot to of photos, placed to a bulletin bar Shang, you on can to found found see themselves in where, like words can to photos buy down, like I on buy has two update, this update is we to playing sailing of when shot of, Actually that when I has seasickness is spits out to has, didn't thought now photographer on ran out help we photographed, however I laugh of full natural of, see not out to spit of looks, another a update is we together to playing archery of when shot of, in I side of is with I together participate in Club of people, front lying in ground of this people is I of g.. O。 Actually just began to youth club of when Super tension of, think themselves like dumb as what are can't said, I aunt with I said you can to try look at, not like words second days on don't to, however later feeling slowly variable good has, zhihou of each days I are has to, I think this on I, is a is rod of experience, apart from can exercises themselves of English capacity zhiwai, also can training themselves of guts. If all of you want to go abroad in the future can go to see it, really a lot of fun.

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