請問 hearing 等於 deaf 嗎?

hearing people 是 deaf 嗎?

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  • 8 年前

    deaf (聾子, as a noun) = hearing impaired people (聽障人士)

    deaf (聾的, as an adjective) = hard of hearing (有聽力障礙)

    2012-09-24 13:19:19 補充:

    I don't know why you have the question that "hearing people" = "deaf" ?

    "hearing" and 'deaf" are related, but don't mean the same!

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  • (1) hard of hearing = deaf = unable to hear=聾

    (2)hearing: 聽力,是一種聲音的感知能力

    (3)hearing people = 正常人=hearing person

    ex :I’m a hearing person.”

    一般來說,我們不會使用hearing person.

    (4)This term “hearing people,” and its slang counterparts, “hearings” or “hearies,” are used by deaf people to describe persons who aren’t deaf.

    可是,當一個聾子說(描述)有一個人不是聾子時,就會使用hearing people.

    ex :He is a hearing person.”


    2012-09-24 15:05:18 補充:

    所以說"hearing people "是一個deaf會說的話.

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