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英文動畫小紅帽的翻譯 這是英文版小紅帽的網址"little red riding hood"但沒有英文字幕 我想知道英文 這樣可以查單字互相對照>< 有哪裡找的到英文嗎? 或是請幫我聽聽>< 大家幫忙看能不能有整部影片的英文字幕><


題目錯了 不是翻譯 是英文@_@

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  • Ryan
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    8 年前

    once upon a time

    there was a little who lived in a village near a forest

    whenever she went out, she wore a red riding cloak with a hood

    and that is why everyone called her little red riding hood

    one day her mother baked some cakes, and when they were ready

    she said to little red riding hood, my dear would you go to see your grandmother

    and take her these cakes that I have made

    little red riding hood was always happy to see her grandmother

    and agreed to go on a journey

    when the basket was packed, the little girl put on her red cloak

    and kissed her mother good bye

    now go straight to your grandmother's cottage, her mother said

    don't waste time along the way and please don't talk to strangers

    remember the woods are dangerous

    dont worry mummy said little red riding hood

    I will be very careful

    so off she went on her journey to visit her grandmother in the forest

    along the way little red riding hood noticed some lovely flowers in the woods

    and instantly forgot her promise to her mother not to waste time

    she stop to pick up a few of the beautiful flowers, watch the colorful butterflies fly about for a while

    and listen to the frogs croaking by a pond

    little red riding hood was enjoying the warm summer day so much

    that she didn't notice a dark shadow approaching her out of the forest

    suddenly a worf appeared beside her

    what are you doing here, little girl? the wolf asked in a voice as friendly as he could master

    I am on my way to see my grandmother who lives in the forest little red riding hood replied

    the wolf looked at her with a big smile on his face

    he wanted to gobble her up there and then

    but noticed a woodcutter working in the distance

    suddenly he had an idea, and where does your grand mother live? aked the wolf

    through the forest over the bridge and pass the lake replied little red riding hood

    does she? I know a game we can play

    what is it? asked little red riding hood

    lets race to your grandmother's cottage and the first one there is the winner

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    OK replied little red riding hood

    and off she ran as fast as she could

    the wolf licked his lips as little red riding hood ran away

    after she had disappeared into the distance

    the wolf started to run in a different direction

    he ran and he ran until he was out of breath from running

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    and finally, he arrived at grandmother's cottage and knocked at the door

    little red riding hood, is that you?

    shouted the grandmother inside the cottage

    the wolf put on his best little girl voice and replied, "yes it's me grandmother"

    oh thank goodness dear, come in come in

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    I was worried sick that something would happen to you in the forest, said grandmother

    thinking that her granddaughter was outside

    the wolf let himself in

    poor grandmother did not have time to say another word before the wolf jumped on her bed

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    and gobbled her up in one gulp

    the wolf let out a satisfied "belch"

    and then look through the grandmother's wardrobe to find a night gown that he liked

    he added the fleece sleep cap and for good measure

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    dabbed some grandmother's perfume behind his pointed ears

    a few minutes later, little red riding hood knocked on the door

    the wolf pulled the cover over his big nose

    and called out in a crackly voice

    who is it?

    little red riding hood

    oh how lovely

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    do come in, my dear

    croaked the wolf

    when little red riding hood entered the cottage, she could scarcely recognize her grandmother

    grandmother, your voice sounds so odd, is something that matters? she asked

    I just have a bit of a cold, screaked the wolf, adding a cough at the end aprooved the poin

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    but grandmother, what big ears you have! said little red riding hood

    as she edged close to the bed

    all the better to hear you with, my dear, replied the wolf

    but grandmother, what big eyes you have! said little red riding hood

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    all the better to see you with, my dear, replied the wolf

    but..but grandmother, what big teeth you have! said little red riding hood her voice quivering slightly

    all the better to weed you with, my dear, roared the wolf as he lept out of the bed began to chase

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    the little girl

    almost too late, little red riding hood realized that the person in bed was not her grandmother at all

    but was in fact the big, bad, hungry wolf!

    she ran across the room and out through the door shouting "help! wolf!" as loudly as she could

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    a woodsman who was chopping logs heard her cry and ran quickly towards the cottage

    he grabbed the wolf, turned him upside down and made him spit out poor grandmother,

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    he grabbed the wolf, turned him upside down and made him spit out poor grandmother,

    who was a bit shaken by the whole experience, but hopefully, still in one piece

    oh grandmother, I was so scared, sobbed little red riding hood

    I will never speak to strangers or wait around in the forest again

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    You've learned an important lesson, said her grandmother

    thank goodness you shouted loud enough for this kind woodsman to hear you

    the woodsman picked up the wolf and carried him deep into the forest so that he could never bother anyone ever again

    2012-09-30 01:15:52 補充:

    little red riding hood and her grandmother then sat in a garden and had a nice lunch followed by the cakes that her mother had made for them

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