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奅邕 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

請美語高手回答 (a) half an hour

a half an hour 與 half an hour 只差了一個冠詞,

1. 請問兩者是否相同?都是指『半小時』?


『 I've got a party of 50 coming in a half an hour. 』


其中有例子: I will see you in half an hour. 及 a half an hour ago

2. 是不是『 in half an hour 』等於 『 in a half an hour 』,而且『 half an hour ago 』等於『 a half an hour ago 』?

3. 以上若1. 及2. 都對,那是否哪個比較合文法?美國口語哪個又用得多?


2 個解答

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    Lv 7
    9 年前

    In a half an hour = in half an hour.

    a half an hour ago = half an hour ago.

    The reason there is an article "a" in the "in a half an hour" or "a half and an hour ago" is because:

    as we know, a singular noun needs an article, for example:

    an hour,

    an apple,

    a student ...

    to follow this rule, that is why "in a half an hour" has "a" in front of half and "an" in front of hour. However, in daily conversations, people tend to omit "a" and use "in half an hour". After all, having an "a" in front of "half" can be tongue-tied (舌頭打結).

    2012-10-04 06:38:33 補充:

    Ha! Ha! Ha!, master Dark Helmet! I do understand why you suggest to use "tongue-tying"! Thanks a lot !!!

    參考資料: self
  • 9 年前

    Having an "a" in front of "half" cannot be tongue-tied; it can only be tongue-tying.