He found he could....英譯中

Hefound he could before his accident

這句我怎麼翻怎麼奇怪 ....

Now he could continuehis more favorite sport.(這是上一句)

Healso continued his research.(這是下一句)
更新: Today, He is a professor at MIT and is co-founder of walk .

後面的 co-founder of walk 的 walk 我該怎麼翻譯他@@
更新 2: 阿抱歉抱歉-.- 原來是打錯了
co-founder of iWALK << 應該是長這樣

iWALK 是甚麼東東? 我能聯想到的是i系列的行動電源
更新 3: He found he could before his accident.
如果我把 found 譯成 知道 是否通?
更新 4: “Once you get used to it, it feels like you have your leg back,”
said Garth Stewart, a soldier who lost a leg in the Iraq war.
後面那一句 Garth Stewart 是誰呀@@ 他說的話意義是?
更新 5: 另外 在求助一下ˊˋ
Oscar Pistorius is often called “the fastest man on no legs.”
The South African is a 100-, 200-, and 400-meter Paralympic world record runner.
但後面這句 南非當主詞翻出來好奇怪 南非是世界記錄的跑者?
更新 6: In fact, Oscar often runs against many able-bodied athletes … and wins!
中間的runs against
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