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Grimm 影集的背景音樂

請問有人知道Grimm 影集第一季第一集,開頭少女聽音樂的那首歌是誰唱的嗎?

找好久找不到> <拜託了 謝謝

1 個解答

  • 笨瓜
    Lv 5
    9 年前

    歌名:Wham Bam


    收錄:Girlfriend Pop 2


    在Clooney 的Myspace歌名是寫成 Wam Bam

    2012-10-14 21:34:12 補充:


    2012-10-15 21:50:26 補充:

    更正一下 Clooney 的本名是Taylor Tallahassee


    Friday morning on the train

    I got my black suit on my office pumps again

    Work is such a bitch she wants it yesterday

    Nobody hears a word I say say say

    Can't wait for the time

    2012-10-15 21:51:22 補充:

    When I can shed my skin

    You can't read my mind

    But if you're wonderin'

    I'm somebody else

    You ain't met me before

    I'll put my real face on

    And open the door

    Wham bam here I am

    Goddess of the glitter glam

    Yes catch a breath

    Gotcha eating out of my hand

    Wham bam thank you mam

    2012-10-15 21:51:56 補充:

    Now I'm here the party is on

    Wow check me out

    Don't know what you've got till it's


    Friday nights were made for this

    I got my red dress on with slits right up the back back back

    Lipstick check, hot cherry red, a perfect ten

    And there ain't nothing wrong with that that that that

    2012-10-15 21:52:12 補充:

    DJ knows what to play

    Needle droppin the sounds

    Pump the beat through my veins

    Ain't no stoppin me now

    Takin over the room

    When I'm out on the floor

    Get your game face on

    And open the door

    Boys they really like me

    2012-10-15 21:52:20 補充:

    Girls all wanna fight me

    Looking for some action

    Give it up, live it up

    Turn the freakin' music up.


    2012-10-15 21:56:21 補充:

    抱歉上面又寫錯了 請刪掉這句

    "更正一下 Clooney 的本名是Taylor Tallahassee"

    Clooney 根本跟Taylor Tallahassee 無關 這是捏造的 sorry

    2012-10-15 22:01:52 補充:


    此歌真正的Artist是Lyndsay Mathers

    2012-10-15 22:09:57 補充:


    這句話~"更正一下 Clooney 的本名是Taylor Tallahassee"是錯的 請忽略


    Artist: Lyndsay Mathers