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Plumber A: I need to change a washer to stop the water leak!

Plumber B: The seat is chipped, so it leaks water.





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    I cannot type Chinese, so let me use English to explain to you what washer and seat are !

    The two statements made by plumber are related to a type of faucet. By design, there are 4 popular designs used by manufacturers, they are:


    (2)ball valve-type,

    (3)disc-type and


    Of these, only the first has removable valve seats. Since you ask about the first type. I will only focus on this type of faucet. Generally speaking, this type of faucet has two handles (one for hot, the other for cold). Inside the handle, there is a stem. As you turn the handle to open and close the water flow, at the end of the stem, there is a washer that will press against or away the seat. Typically seat looks like:


    The one on the left is right-side up. As you can see if the rim chipped, then even washer press against it, water still can pass through the chipped area and flow out of the faucet. Washer looks like


    Therefore, to change washer and seat means to change these two parts in a compression-type faucet. There is NO need to replace the entire faucet.

    Hopefully, you can understand ALL English explanation!

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    By the way, generally, the seat is made from brass, so as you use it will become brittle and chipped. To replace it, you need a special tool to go through the hole and unscrew it. There are to type of hole: square and hexagon.

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    There are to types of hole: ===> There are two types of holes:

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    Also, the water flows from bottom to top (refer to the seat that is right side up) then to the spout and into the sink or tub.

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    Plumber A: I need to change a washer to stop the water leak!

    水電師傅A: 我需更換墊片以止漏

    Plumber B: The seat is chipped, so it leaks water.


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    水龍頭底座(faucet seat)一般為橡膠製品,將舊底座連同搭配彈簧一起更換--------