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have interest in/on?

1. have interest in

=>請問在此interest是可數還是不可數名詞?我看過有人用have an interest in,請問啥時可加an呢? have interest “in” 跟have interest “on”到底哪個才對呢?





我看過有人用have an interest in,請問啥時可加an呢? have interest “in” 跟have interest “on”到底哪個才對呢?

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  • Louis
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    8 年前

    當interest表示是a feeling of wanting to know more about something時,用介系詞in,而非of:


    He takes a great interst in sports.(interest=某種興趣,可數名詞,通常用單數)

    She showed a keen interet in the new research.

    There is a growing interest in oriental culturs and philosophies.

    What makes these footballers lose interest in playing in thier own countries.(不可數名詞)

    I have no interest in art.

    The reports have aroused considerable interest.

    People are losing all interest in the election.

    The presidential race is being watched with interest all over the world.

    The city has a multitude of museums and places of interest.

    I have an interst in the business. (interest=權利)

    English is not a subject of general interest to students.(不可數)

    It is of no interest to me.

    It is a matter of no interest to us.



    All he cares about is protecting his own interests.

    It is in their own interests to cooperate.

    The ounil doesn't believe the scheme is in the best interests of pupils.

    He claims he has only my best interests at heart.

    2012-10-16 18:59:36 補充:

    The council doesn't believe the scheme is in the best interest of pupils.漏了一字母c

    參考資料: Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners
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    Interest In Or On

  • 8 年前

    1. interest or interests? Both are fine.

    2. interest in or on? in is right.

    3. 會選出最貼切的答案? I doubt it.