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請問如何填空?"My friend and I talk about new video games -------- we walk to church."


1) We saw something fly into the air (while) we were looking out the window.

2) My friend and I talk about new video games (as) we walk to church.

3) My teacher gets really mad (when) I slam the classroom door.

4) I felt frustrated (after) my brother wouldn't stop teasing me.


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以上是知名的兒童美語補習班的作業習題內容, 僅能依 when, while, as, after 此 4 字回答

別無選擇 !

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    表面上When and while都是 "當"的意思

    在使用時卻是不一樣的. By the way, 你給的例句中文法是不對的.

    應該寫成: My friend and I were talking /(talked) about the new video games when we talked / (were walking) to the church.

    when and while的不同:

    while有 in contrast (不同意見) 的意思, 例:

    Peter agreed with Tom while Sue agreed with John.

    當Peter 認同Tom的時候, Sue 卻認同 John

    而When 則是當...發生的意思.

    Grammar 部分: 要是使用When, 我們要了解什麼是先發生, 然後什麼事情是後發生, 或同時發生. 此時我們用tense去代表, 例:

    When I was watching the TV, Peter came home.

    我先在看電視, 然後Peter 回來.

    搞定了, 不懂再問^^

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    I think both "when" and "while" are good but I would prefer the former.