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請幫忙翻譯以下這段 {多年來,精實方法幫助全球各地的醫療機構實現更理想的醫療願景、提供更完善的醫療服務並消除流程中的障礙,讓醫療相關人員能專注本業,提供病人更好的照護品質,藉由精實的概念與應用,不僅是醫療管理的最佳典範,更為管理者及參與改善活動的人,提供更廣闊的思考} 感謝 ....[

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  • 9 年前



    Over the years, Lean Principle has helped health care organizations around the world approach a more idealistic health care objective, offer more complete medical services, and eliminate hindrances within the processes. It allows medical professionals to focus on what they do best, and offer quality care to patients. The idea and the application of Lean Principle offer not only the best example of health care management, but also a broader mindset to managers as well as those who join force to make it better.

  • 9 年前



    Over the past years, the lean method is a great help for the medical institutions across the country to realise an ideal medical aspiration, provide a satisfactory medical services and remove the obstacles in the process, so that the medical personnel can focus on their work to provide better nursing. Relying on the concepts and application of the lean method as the best model for medical management, we can provide a more extensive reference for directors and people engaging in the medical improvement.

    參考資料: 后冠翻譯社
  • 9 年前

    Years, fine real method help global around of medical body achieved more ideal of medical vision, and provides more perfect of medical service and elimination process in the of obstacles, let medical related personnel can focused industry, provides patients better of care quality, through fine real of concept and application, not only is medical management of best model, more managers and the participation improve activities of people, provides more broad of thinking