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請問 "恍神/ 回神/ 一不留神" 該怎麼說?

請問以下3句該如何翻譯? (不一定要逐字, 意思到了就可以)

1. 上課時他一時恍神沒注意到老師在講什麼.

2. 等到老師叫他的名字時, 他才回過神來.

3. 通常考英聽測驗時, 我們很容易一不留神就沒聽清楚.

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    1. 上課時他一時恍神沒注意到老師在講什麼. 等到老師叫他的名字時, 他才回過神來.

    His attention (mind) wanders away from the class untilthe teacher calls out his name. Mr. Jenkins, are you there?3. 通常考英聽測驗時, 我們很容易一不留神就沒聽清楚.It, usually, is quite easy to loseconcentration and miss the question in English listening skill tests. Don't bring your iPod for sure...

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    In a trance, he didn't pay attention to the teacher's subjects on the lesson.


    等到老師叫他的名字時, 他才回過神來.

    He wasn't fascinating stats, until the teacher called his name.

    通常考英聽測驗時, 我們很容易一不留神就沒聽清楚.

    Normally the test of listen to English, an inattentive we'll easily get confused of hearing.