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我1人家庭, 申請母親移民, 2012年2人125% $18,915.5

2009年, 年薪$25,000

2010年, 年薪$20,000

2011年, 年薪只有 $18,500 差 $312.50

我有 self living condo (paid off) market value US$55,000 + Cash at checking account USD$18,000


2009年, 年薪$40,000

2010年, 年薪$40,000

2011年, 年薪$40,000

2012年June 失業EDD, 會不會影響

Han Chen

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    There is no need to use a joint sponsor.

    You are sufficient enough for I-864.

    1. The actual requirement is $18,912.

    2. All of your assets can be used for I-864 purpose as 20% face value. The cash you have will contribute an additional "income" of $3,600 to I-864, which will push up your income for 2011 to $22,100.

    As soon as your current income is still exist $18,912. You are still good to go.

    (By the way, it is recommended that you don't use the property as it is difficult to evaluate its true value. Beside, your cash is good enough to make up the gap.)