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Gogo 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

1題用字選擇 + 1個形容詞的意思

1. When parents decide to ______, most children do not understand why they don't live together any more.

1) divide 2) split 3) separate 4) break up

請問上題的答案何者適當, 為何其他選項不適當?

2. 請問 a squared-off log 的 "squared-off" 要怎麼翻譯?




Why "a squared-off log" is not to make a rounded log to a squared one?

的確, a squared-off log 是由圓形的長原木劈砍出來成方形的長原木, 但是我不清楚"off"在這裡該如何翻譯?

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  • 8 年前

    why "a squared-off log" is not to make a rounded log to a squared one?

    2012-11-03 02:49:01 補充:


    First, let's leave out the couple's relationship in using words in those choices.

    Say, a coach wants to make a team into two groups. He can say:

    The coach separated/split/divid us into two teams.

    As you can see, no matter which word you use, they are still a team, but just has two groups.

    Now, look at this

    The teach breaks up the fight between two students.

    Here, "break up" means to stop and separate.

    With these said, I, personally, feel that "break up" is a better answer as far as the couple relationship is concerned. I mean "split" or "separate" doesn't end the relationship, but "break up" does. "divide" is not good for relationship, "divorce" is a better word. However, if the question emphasizes "don't live together any more", not to end the relationship, then "separate" is a better answer.


    As for the meaning of "squared-off", please refer to:

    In my opinion, to use "off" is because the phrase shall be used as:to square something off Here, "off" means 'from" or "away". You need to pay attention to "something"; it is NOT always rounded, it can be in any shape, but make it into a square one. Hence, the phrase means "trim something until it is square, or make something square". With this in mind, you can tell, "off" carries the meaning of " trim off something's shape", "from the shape of something","away from the original shape of something"Hopefully, this will satisfy you ! By the way, "square off" can also mean "to get read for an argument or a fight"

    2012-11-03 02:49:54 補充:

    "去角" in English, should be "round off".

    2012-11-03 12:08:52 補充:

    yes, I did misspell "ready" as "read".

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  • 8 年前

    1.ANS: (3)separate,分居(夫妻)。其他的意思都不對。

    2.a squared-off log 的squared-off的意思是"去角",即將方形原木的角去掉。

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