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請教: 心疼/心虛/心寒 的說法

請問以下3句該如何翻譯? (不一定要逐字, 意思到了就可以)

1. 我很心疼父母的辛勞. (或 "捨不得" 該怎麼說?)

2. 別人對他的讚美, 他覺得很心虛.

3. 好朋友的所做所為令他很心寒.



謝謝您立即的熱心回答, 因為我又想到"心軟", 請問您可以順便翻譯一下嗎?

4. 他看到小偷的眼淚, 就心軟了, 放他走!

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  • 羅莉
    Lv 7
    8 年前


    1. 我很心疼父母的辛勞. (或 "捨不得" 該怎麼說?)

    It pains my heart seeing my parents work so laboriously.

    My heart ached a lot about my parents' work in hardship.

    2. 別人對他的讚美, 他覺得很心虛.

    He feels diffident about others' compliments on him.

    He feels hardly entitled to the compliments from others.

    3. 好朋友的所做所為令他很心寒.

    His good friend's conduct made him feel bitterly disappointed.

    The way his good friend has behaved really chills his heart.

    2012-11-01 22:51:45 補充:

    4. 他看到小偷的眼淚, 就心軟了, 放他走!

    Seeing the thief shed tears, he got tender-hearted and let him go.

    2012-11-02 10:47:24 補充:


    At the sight of the thief in tears, he grew compassionate and released him.

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