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Chui 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

folk tale

How zebra got her stripes???


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    8 年前

    Below is a legend in an American girl Ginny's words. It tells us that Zebras became striped when they painted themselves in stripes to escape from the hunters.

    How the Zebra got its Stripes Zebras, many years ago were not black and white. They were white.Some would say that they were a mixture between a white horse, and a donkey or mule.People at this time were still trying to train wild horses so they could show them off, and prance around on them since they were so beautiful.Now zebras were called zebras since they were a bit different from horses, and mules. But it was very difficult to catch, and train a zebra. One day a zebra which was still very young, wondered off into the village. Many people started to stare and whisper about how they would catch it.The zebra became alarmed, and realized what they would try to do. So he frantically began to run. People started to run inside to get a net to catch the zebra with. He ran and ran. Finally he had an idea.


    Soon all zebras did that so that people would leave them alone.Then gradually they didn't need too. Zebras started to be born like that except they were beautiful.

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    folk tale民間傳說

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  • 8 年前

    Folk tale told zebra got her stripes by distinction between the horses.

    An African wild animal like a horse with black and white lines(=stripes) on its body.

    But what's the use of stripes?

    The stripes may relate to camouflage in disguise to conceal in forest.

    The vertical striping may help it to hide in grass.

    When the herd animals moving close together may appear as one large animal,making it difficult for lion to pick out one to attack.

    The striping pattern is unique to each one for recognition.

    Coinciding with the fat pattern concealed beneath the skin for heat regulation purposes.

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