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關於live in 後面接一個 for的疑問

He has to seek for another room less expensive to live in for he has not much money left.[他剩下的錢不多,因此不得不去尋找另外一間比較不貴的房間來住] live in 的 in 是介副詞嗎?有時候看到類似這種兩個介系詞放在一起,就讓我有疑惑, 為什麼一定要一個in? for:怎麼看起來好像連接詞?


我能不能 刪掉 live in 的 "in"

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  • 8 年前

    Your translation is 99% correct, the 1% is due to "for". Here, "for" means "because that". Therefore, you need to translate it as:


    Since "for" means "因為", it is a conjunction (連接詞), not a preposition (介系詞)

    2012-11-06 14:45:51 補充:

    我能不能 刪掉 live in 的 "in".

    Let me ask you which of the follow sentences is better:

    The house which I live in.

    The house which I live.

    2012-11-06 14:48:17 補充:

    In my opinion, it is "The house which I live in", because when you just use "live" without "in". It gives people an impression that "live" and "house" are two unrelated things. Now, you tell you, can you curtail "in"?

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  • 8 年前

    live in 的 in 是介係詞。 for 是連接詞,但如果你的書本原句,for 前面沒有逗點,你要幫它補上才正確: live in, for he has not ...