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Did you know Texas is actually not a US state, but an occupied land, bear-hugged, and bamboozled into the Union not by will but by force?




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  • 羅莉
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    8 年前

    Did you know Texas is actually not a US state, but an occupied land,

    bear-hugged, and bamboozled into the Union not by will but by force?

    姑不論美國是經由什麼過程從墨西哥手中取得德州的, 本句只說by force(以武力方式)而沒有提到金錢交易, 所以我認為本句的bear-hugged不宜譯為「高價利誘下」, 否則會與句意脫節.

    中文有一句成語「巧取豪奪」, 正是本句的寫照, bear-hugged(被熊抱)就是豪奪,



    你可知道德克薩斯其實不是美國的一州, 而是佔領之地, 不是心甘情願而是藉由武力巧取豪奪的被納入聯邦的?

    2012-11-26 11:15:59 補充:

    Dear DSG,

    We are doing a translation job and not a debate.

    我們是在翻譯作者的話語或主張, 而不是在作辯論或反駁.

    至於作者的言論是否屬實, 不是我們的重點.

    作者句中說an occupied land, 您要照翻而不是去否定它或改成自己的觀點.

    作者也沒說德州是買來的, 譯為高價引誘豈不是很奇怪?

    純討論, 無意冒犯.

    2012-11-26 16:55:11 補充:

    Thanks a lot for your further explanation, DSG,

    也謝謝自由大的誇獎, 您人真好!

    2012-11-28 10:45:53 補充:

    Not even $15 billion, haha

    2012-11-29 14:50:46 補充:

    DH大與DSG大兩位都是YK+英文區不多的熱心高手之ㄧ, 千萬別因此次無謂的爭論而從此交惡, 請仍一本初衷幫助英文區的發問者, 大家加油!

    參考資料: 羅莉 - 翻譯經驗
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    這真是水平很高的答案。DaSaGwa Master提供的說明和背景知識,不得不讓人驚嘆、讚服;而羅莉大師的"巧取豪奪",可能是我看過的最貼切、生動又兼具文化涵養的英翻中了。

  • 8 年前

    贊同 002 所說, bear hug 大多是指 用雙手緊抱使其倒地或無法動彈。 更何況德州是先經過戰爭從墨西哥獨立為德州共和國之後再被併入美國版圖。

    2012-11-28 02:59:39 補充:

    How admirable of DSG to sacrifice translation accuracy just to educate our historic ignorance!

    2012-11-28 06:44:34 補充:

    Anyone with half a brain could see that selling TX, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, most of CO, part of WY, and 1/3 of Mexico for $15 mil, especially after getting whipped in the war, is not what one would call 高價引誘下, let a lone a ( 大師 3 級 ) such as DaSaGwa.

    2012-11-28 14:46:27 補充:

    No matter how much $15 million would BE worth today, the fact remains that Mexican accepted the offer because the U.S kicked their butts in the war, not because the offer was lucrative. 再凹嘛。

    2012-11-28 17:41:44 補充:

    Abe Lincoln once said "Better to remain silent and only be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubts."

    I didn't post to elicit a rectal response from you; my goal is to save those novice members from mass confusion. Therfore:

    Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

    2012-11-28 18:05:30 補充:

    And no, it is not fun for me to see you mislead people the way you have. On the contrary, it annoyed me so much that I had no choice but to play the part of an annoying buzzing fly.

    2012-11-29 04:25:36 補充:

    Like those who couldn't come up with anything to support their argument, Your deliberate deviation was expected.

    "What a pitiful"⇶ pity.

    "It can only fart after someone." ⇶ to accuse me of farting, you must first find something incorrect in what I said.

    DSG, what a character!

    2012-11-30 06:50:26 補充:

    Come on, I realize that "it's not what you say, but how you say it." , and had been politically correct for a long time, but some people just can't take a hint.

  • 8 年前

    bear hug 熊的擁抱

    可翻譯成 熊市 或是 強迫收購之意!!

    參考資料: 自己
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  • 8 年前

    To understand it, you need to know the background of this phrase:

    "Bear hug" means: An offer made by one company to buy the shares of another for a much higher per-share price than what that company is worth. A bear hug offer is usually made when there is doubt that the target company's management will be willing to sell.

    Hence, "bear-hugged" can be translated as "高價利誘下".

    Texas was used to be part of Mexico, however, due to the war between US and Mexico, it was late SOLD to US.

    2012-11-25 13:26:21 補充:

    By the way, "bear-hugged" can also be used in wrestling, known as a body-lock. It is a grappling clinch hold and stand-up grappling position.

    2012-11-25 13:27:54 補充:

    In Chinese, such a body-lock is translated as "熊抱". However, it doesn't fit into your questioned sentence.

    2012-11-26 09:16:18 補充:

    You need to keep in mind that US BOUGHT it from Mexico, she didn't occupy it and became her own territory.

    2012-11-26 09:32:18 補充:

    Someone has briefly explained how Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, most of Colorado, and part of Wyoming became part of US:

    2012-11-26 12:42:59 補充:

    I am NOT trying to argue about the translation, but just try to tell people about how these southwestern states of US were obtained. This is history.

    2012-11-26 12:44:09 補充:

    When people want to know the meaning of the sentence, they shall know a little background about this history, so they can understand why people wrote the sentence this way.

    2012-11-26 12:47:04 補充:

    This is also a good way to have a broaden point of view about this world. Like you said, I am not trying to discredit your translation, but just give people a little background story about this sentence.

    2012-11-26 12:49:05 補充:

    After all, this sentence starts with "Did you know Texas is actually not a US state". It might be weird to some people. In fact, Texas was once independent.

    2012-11-28 11:46:57 補充:

    $15 mil is not a big deal at the present time. However, in 1850. That was a huge amount of money! By the way, Alaska was purchased from Russian for $7.2 mil in 1967.

    2012-11-28 11:47:14 補充:

    There was NO war between US and Russian.

    2012-11-28 11:51:42 補充:

    By the way, the original offer was $30 mil, not $15 mil.

    2012-11-28 11:57:06 補充:

    Dark Helmet! For your information

    15 million in 1848 would worth $355,538,824.31 in 2007$15-...

    2012-11-28 14:53:53 補充:

    Dark Helmet! Your purpose is NOT to get the fact straight, but to degrade people for fun. I wonder how much fun you can have to criticize DSG? If it is fun to you, then be my guest, do it at your will !

    2012-11-28 14:56:36 補充:

    I don't have the energy and mood to accompany with you, enjoy it all to yourself!

    2012-11-28 14:59:18 補充:

    This will be my last time to respond to you, in the future, you will be just a annoying buzzing fly.

    2012-11-28 15:00:57 補充:

    After all, your attitude is not for knowledge exchange, but pick-on people for fun!

    2012-11-28 22:32:39 補充:

    DSG said, A new insect species found, called dark beetle, it likes to follow someone's fart. What a pitiful! It can only fart after someone. Please don't smash it, after all, it is a good air conditioner for DSG's faulty old fart.

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