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chasing "pavements"的含意

愛黛兒(Adele)的歌--曲名chasing pavements, 請問pavements除了"人行道"之外, 有沒有其他的含意在這裡? 為什麼要說chasing "pavements" 而不是用chasing "love" 等等其他明白易懂的字啊?

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    Originally, this song was inspire by a love story between Adele and her boy friend. After she found out about his cheating on her, she went to confront him at the bar physically and got thrown out. As she walked down the street, she though to herself, "what are you chasing? you are chasing an empty pavement".

    Hence, pavements in "chasing pavements" do mean pavement (人行道).

    However, someone made a claim in Urban Dictionary that "pavements" is used as a euphemism for buttocks. it implies "chasing the gay men". However, there is NO such an indication for such a meaning.

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    if you like to know more about this, you can refer to:



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    she though to herself... ==> she thought to herself ...

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    was inspire by ...==> was inspired by ...

    Sorry for my careless typing !

    參考資料: self
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    and he/she didn't get any of that

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