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回娘家 英文

很少時間可以用電腦 可以請教回娘家習俗或由來嗎? 用英文

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  • 8 年前

    Spring Festival Will the two days of the customs back home is how come?

    To bring what back home? ? "To return Waijia" nor empty-handed, mostly to prepare some gifts, known as "souvenirs" or "Road". Maiden brothers with children, but also presented a red envelope. Daughter back to the grandson, chicken legs presented by Waijia with, or old coins, Hong Rong Department of rope hanging in the neck of the grandson, called "knot shirt with these ancient custom has long red envelope replaced.

    Junior also back home? ? Flood the temple, commonly known as the "Red Dog Day, vulgar letter this day should not go out banquet. If you commit this taboo, lifelong extreme poverty. So after the first day, after a busy two days of the two-day, we get up in three days will sleep Rishangsangan before. One day gambling at home to take music. However, the pace of the industrial society has less than leisurely past, many companies firm start on the fourth day. So people despite the taboo of "Red Dog Day, many people will still grasp this last day of vacation to go out outing.

    Popular Communication has been married to the daughter of mothering in the first day of the first month, will make her family poorer, so the first two days to return to her family, known as the "guest" in Taiwan, "the return away from home (her parents). Early in the morning to prepare lunch for the daughter-in-law, accompanied by husband and children back home. Customs of ancient times, the woman for no reason shall unauthorized mothering, and the second day of her parents by her parents brothers greet. The the Road formalities have been simplified in the modern became a Tel invitation.


    要帶什麼回娘家?? 「 返 外 家 」 也 不 得 空 手 , 多 半 要 準 備 一 些 禮 物 , 稱 為 「 伴 手 」 或 「 等 路 」 。 娘 家 兄 弟 有 子 女 的 , 也 要 贈 送 紅 包 。 女 兒 帶 回 的 外 孫 , 則 由 外 家 贈 送 雞 腿 , 或 用 紅 絨 繩 繫 古 錢 , 掛 在 外 孫的 頸 上 , 稱 為 「 結 衫 帶 」 ,這 些 古 俗 也 早 已 被 紅 包 所 取 代 。

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