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The buzzer beater draws the cloud to their feet as the game ends with a draw.

什麼是"draw the cloud to their feet"?

什麼是"end with a draw"?





我誤以為end with a draw的 "draw" 是 "抽籤" 的意思,

我查到yahoo字典上有個例句是The game ended in a draw.

所以介繫詞用in 或with 都可以嘍?!

因此end in/with a draw 與end in/with a tie 是同樣的意思, 對吧!?

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    "draw the cloud to their feet", here "cloud" means "a large moving body of things in the air or on the ground". Of course, it refers to people. For example:

    a cloud of locusts, a cloud of flies, a cloud of people

    Hence, "draw the cloud to their feet" means "make audiences stand up"

    "end with a draw", here, "draw" means "even, no winner or loser". This is very commonly used in competition.

    If you want to translate it, it shall be


    By the way, it shall be a basketball game, because it uses "buzzer", only basketball game uses "buzzer" for time-up. That is why I add "的一球"

    This kind of sentence is to demonstrate the same word "draw" can have different meaning.

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    About "a cloud of people", here is a link to show you, people do use "a cloud of people":


    scroll down to the second paragraph in the third line from bottom of the paragraph!

    2012-12-05 01:15:36 補充:

    It is better to use "audience" as a group, so there is NO need to add "s".

    2012-12-05 02:40:33 補充:

    unless it means individual audiences, not as a group.


    I just use "a cloud of people" with quotation marks to google it, and it give me 262,000 results.

    2012-12-05 10:32:43 補充:

    因此end in/with a draw 與end in/with a tie 是同樣的意思, 對吧!?

    Yes, you are right !!!

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    a cloud of people... LOL

    I suppose in your part of the world, games are broadcasted on a cloud server and everyone watching the game on a computer stands up simultaneously.

    2012-12-05 00:51:47 補充:

    make audiences stand up.... a live event has only one audience...

    Oh, I forgot that your "cloud" watches the game on different computers.

    2012-12-05 00:55:22 補充:

    是不是 crowd 寫成 cloud? 以下建議供你參考:

    The buzzer beater draws the crowd to its feet as the game ends in a draw.

    2012-12-05 11:19:05 補充:

    “A cloud of people” is defined as “those out there (globally) who share certain characteristics or abilities” in our primeval world, where one can very well be Mensa-bound simply for being able to “hear bouquet ➟ think flowers “, or “hear harem ➟ think women”,.

    2012-12-05 18:14:59 補充:

    It is tremendously fascinating to imagine a civilization so advanced in which not only “hear cloud ➟ think people” is already considered common sense, but also widely practiced in basketball games!

    2012-12-05 18:15:40 補充:

    Needless to say, while preeminent in the minds of us simpletons, the NBA must seem like child's play among your social circle.

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