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有位信徒(門徒)說,我不知道到底有沒有佛,菩薩跟上帝,但是我每天把教條放在心理,心中充滿了慈悲與平和,有一天我死了, 才發現沒有佛, 也沒有天堂跟地獄的存在, 那我有什麼損失呢 ?

請教各位大德, 這些話語該如何闡述 ?

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    A disciple said: I don't know if there is Buddha and God, but everyday I place the rules and disciplines inside of me, and so my heart is filled with grace and peace, so one day I died, and realized that there is no Buddha, nor existence of heaven and hell, what do I got to lose?

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    [Religion] Bodhisattva

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    Followers (disciples) says, I do not know whether the Buddha, Buddha and God, but every day I put dogma in my mind, filled with compassion and peace, one day I was dead, only to find there is no Buddha, no heaven and Hell 's, then I have nothing to lose?

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    A believer said, "I am not sure if Buddha or God exists; but I keep the doctrines in my heart, and filled it with mercy and peace. If I find out, on the day I die, that there is no heaven or hell, what have I lost?"

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  • 7 年前

    One religious disciple (follower) stated: I don't know how to check the existence of Buddha, bodhisattva and God, yet I have dogmas input my mind, lead my thoughts and acts and keep my heart stuffed with peace and pure.

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    One day, were I dead, I could not find anything but no existence of Buddha, heaven nor hell, then what loss I have encountered in my life ?

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    Thanks for Dynastflier's reply.

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    thanks for Rj master's reply. Your reply is always better than mine ^-^

    Buddha = 佛。

    God = 上帝 。

    May I know how to say 菩薩 ?

    I saw the text you used without a clear emphasis on it.

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    有一天我死了,==> this is a subjunctive mood against present tense.

    so, the word of "die" here should be changed to ==> died, a mood against present tense ?

    Can you tell ?

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