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RJ 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

關於LEAVE 這個字

各位賢達, 煩請指導

關於 LEAVE 的用法

on leave==> 休假

I am on leave (on annual leave)

= Iam on holiday = I am on my vacation ?

She has left the company==> 她離開公司,是指有事外出, 不是離職的意思嘛 ?

She is leaving for Hong Kong ==> 她離開, 並前往香港

若說離職= She has quited the job.

煩請達人指導釋疑, 謝謝 Orz

2 個解答

  • 7 年前

    "on leave" doesn't always mean "on vacation" or "on holiday", it can be part of it. Its definition is "absent with permission from work or duty". For example:

    Faculty on leave

    It doesn't mean this faculty is on vacation, he or she might be of other duty, like be transferred (on leave) to other University.

    "left the company" always means "離職" (quit the job).

    "left the office" can mean "not in the office".

    "leave for" means "前往"

    but "leave something for someone or animal" means "to allow something to remain for the use of someone or an animal" (留給)

    for example:

    I will leave the bread here for you.

    2012-12-14 12:21:55 補充:

    "faculty", in that sentence, means "教授" (instructor, assistant prof., associate prof., prof.)

    2012-12-14 12:23:35 補充:

    In US, teaching staff is called "faculty", administrator (like secretary, technician,...) is call "staff"

    2012-12-14 13:07:57 補充:

    There is another kind of "leave" for professors: on sabbatical leave.

    2012-12-14 13:09:45 補充:

    Usually, it happens every 7 years. A professor can leave his or her post for up to one year. He or she can go to other University (domestic or foreign), Research Institute, stay home, or be adapted by alien. He or she will be paid in full or partial salary.

    2012-12-14 13:40:34 補充:

    adapted ==> adopted

    2012-12-14 14:14:11 補充:

    As I know, "sabbatical leave" is ONLY for university faculty. Whether it can be applied to other profession is not clear to me.

    2012-12-14 14:21:24 補充:

    I think, it can be applied to other professions, after all, all it means is an extensive break from one's usual occupation. Hence, if a writer wants to travel extensively for research, then he or she can use "on sabbatical leave".

    參考資料: self
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  • 7 年前

    I will leave the bread here for you.

    Really, You want to leave the bread for me ?

    I want it with the sauce of garlic and butter.

    2012-12-14 11:55:20 補充:

    "left the company" always means "離職" (quit the job).

    Oh, I got you now since this question has confused me for a lot.

    Thank you very much.

    2012-12-14 12:03:00 補充:

    by the way, how could you translate " faculty" here in ?

    意義 / 能力/ 學院/ 設施 ?

    2012-12-14 12:29:45 補充:

    Faculty on leave==> 就是說教授們不在, 但是是什麼原因, 就不得而知囉,

    可能調去外校, 可能有事外出, 可能去渡假, 也可能被外星人綁架。

    2012-12-14 13:58:34 補充:

    OH, that's wonderful.

    Thanks to God since he sent an angel of DSG to solve my question.

    2012-12-14 13:59:28 補充:

    I have learned a lot from you about 休假 today。

    Referring sabbatical leave, I know this word is originaled from academia, and meaning for the leave once the person has stayed for Faculty over seven years.

    May I use this word even though I am not in academia field, nor for one year leave.

    2012-12-14 14:01:25 補充:

    originaled==> originated

    2012-12-14 14:27:34 補充:

    Ha, a good response.

    A writer could have a sabbatical leave for study or a break.

    while, it is not easy for company staff to ask for this kind leave unless you want to quit it.

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