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請問unified land 如何翻譯


Unified land and water areas that city was permitted to acquire and improve were not limited to vacant land.

這句的"unified land"要如何翻譯呢?unified不是統一、一體的意思嗎?


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  • 8 年前

    Unified 在這裡是 Integrated (整合,整體)的意思。


    "is permitted to" ~ "被允許可以..."就直接翻成"得以"就可以了。

    2012-12-15 20:25:48 補充:

    Can't sleep. My heart is deeply troubled by the senseless killing at Sandy Hook Elementary school yesterday morning. What is this country coming to? I am glad to be moving back to Taiwan in a couple of years; but those children, 20 of them...

    2012-12-15 20:27:33 補充:

    So I am escaping here to YK+, to get my mind off that for a while...but it's no working, still deeply troubled...since yesterday.

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  • 8 年前

    May these poor children rest in peace.

    A senseless killing shocks most of us.

    A senseless policy kills more--unconsciously and slowly.

    Most people here in Taiwan have the same question in the meantime.

    "What's wrong with this country?"

    2012-12-15 23:24:09 補充:

    Who want's to be a hero?

    They prefer ordinary lives than cheap and insignificant attentions, I guess.

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  • 8 年前

    there are too plenty nut cases in other countries the priest can escape to. I heard China had a similar case 2 weeks ago.

    2012-12-15 20:53:56 補充:

    Priest dude - call me cynic but I would predict there will be more and more similars in the coming years. Right or wrong, this is one of the consequences come with the progresses (or the other way around) your generation made.

    2012-12-15 20:54:36 補充:

    And my generation needs to take it and try to figure out a way to deal with it, within and without.

    Now, you can call me cynic.

    2012-12-15 22:30:47 補充:

    Those kids are victims but the teachers died for saving others are heroes.

    They deserve much more attentions of yours.

    2012-12-15 23:51:12 補充:

    Wow, this lonesome daddy is cynical indeed.

    No wonder your are lonesome.

    Make not my extraordinary life ordinary, dude - even the Universe dies in a big bang.

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  • 8 年前

    Sir James is back with a cool fashion!

    2012-12-15 21:43:55 補充:

    I just hope the children who were shot can rest in peace and know where to go.

    There are just too many lost souls on earth, and it is up to you, Sir James, to help lead them to their next destination, let it be Heaven, or otherwise.

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  • 8 年前

    To join land,water,city,people, parts of a country etc, together so that they form a single unit; including the Vacant Land.= a vacantland system.

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