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  • 8 年前

    Jump Smokers - Drunk Girls In The Club


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    2012-12-23 01:14:10 補充:


    歌名:Drunk Girls In The Club

    製作:Jump Smokers

    Jump Smokers是來自美國芝加哥的音樂組合,於2009年出道。

    專輯:Ultra 2011


    曲目:Disc 2第3首

    Disc 1/2

    01. Yolanda Be Cool Vs. DCUP - We No Speak Americano

    02. Edward Maya & Mia Martina - Stereo Love

    03. Train - Hey, Soul Sister (Karmatronic Club Mix)

    04. Lady GaGa - Alejandro (Dave Audé Remix)

    05. Remedy - No Superstar

    06. Swedish House Mafia - One (Your Name) (Feat. Pharrell) (Vocal Mix)

    07. Kaskade - Fire In Your New Shoes (Feat. Martina Of Dragonette) (Extended)

    08. deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff (Feat. Rob Swire)

    09. Calvin Harris - Flashback (David Guettas One Love Remix)

    10. Alex Gaudino - Im In Love (I Wanna Do It) (Vocal Club Mix)

    11. Longo & Wainwright - One Life Stand (Feat. Craig Smart) (Radio Edit)

    12. Basshunter - Saturday (Extended Mix)

    Disc 2/2

    01. Roger Sanchez - 2Gether (Feat. Far East Movement)(Extended Mix)

    02. Benny Benassi - Spaceship (Feat. Kelis, &Jean-Baptiste) (Extended)

    03. Jump Smokers - Drunk Girls In The Club

    04. Honorebel - My Girl (Feat. Sean Kingston & Trina) (Disco Fries Remix Extended)

    05. Ultimate - Its My Birthday

    06. Azwell - Nothing But Love (Feat. Errol Reid) (Remode Version)

    07. Tiësto - Escape Me (Feat. C.C. Sheffield)

    08. Afrojack - Take Over Control (Feat. Eva Simons) (Extended)

    09. Wolfgang Gartner & deadmau5 - Animal Rights

    10. Armin van Buuren Vs. Sophie Ellis Bextor - Not Giving Up On Love (Extended Version)

    11. Kim Sozzi - Just One Day (Extended)

    12. Inna - Amazing (Play & Win Club Version)


    She walks in stumbles out

    People talk that girl shouts

    Y'all say drink she does shots

    Y'all get buzzed she gets rocked

    On the floor she falls down

    Gets back up and flies around

    Hot mess chicks looking for love

    Watch out, drunk girls in the club

    Watch out, drunk girls in the club



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