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請提供給我 迷霧之子角色 中文跟英文



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    Vin - a half-skaa street urchin who possesses the power of a Mistborn. Primary protagonist.Kelsier - the Survivor of Hathsin, and one of the greatest Mistborn Allomancers of all time. He escaped from the Pits of Hathsin where he had been forced to work as a slave, and wandered the world. After being contacted by a skaa hoping for rebellion, Kelsier strikes up his loyal crew with a new contract: the fall of the Final Empire. Secondary protagonist - the story is partly told from his point of view.Dockson, or "Dox" - Kelsier's long-time friend and crewmember. He is not an Allomancer, but keeps the crew operational by means of his organizational and administrative abilities.Hammond, or "Ham" - a member of Kelsier's crew, and a Pewterarm or Thug. Ham enjoys philosophical bouts, especially with Breeze.Ladrian, or "Breeze" - a member of Kelsier's crew, and a Soother. Breeze likes his wine, almost as much as he likes himself.Cladent, or "Clubs" - a member of Kelsier's crew. He is a Coppercloud or Smoker, and he along with the rest of his apprentices are able to shield their hideouts from the Ministry's Allomancers.Lestibournes, or "Spook" - one of Clubs' apprentices, and a Tineye. He hails from the east, and as such speaks with a strange dialect.Lord Ruler - The ruler and "God" of the Final Empire. Nobody knows who he is or where he came from. All that is known is that since his Ascension, the Deepness was driven back and the world has lost hope.Marsh - Kelsier's brother and a Seeker. He is willing to take down the Final Empire, no matter the cost.Sazed - A Terrisman from the Northern Dominance of Terris. He is a Keeper, and specializes in religion. Using his Feruchemy, he stores information in his copperminds.


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