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Allen Y 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

Picture for Princess/Prisoner?

What would be a good picture for the Princess/Prisoner (Prince/Pauper)?

Please attach a picture.

Whoever gives answers without a picture will be sued; those with a poor picture will be shot. You've been warned.

I also give one right below:

This is the story about how the Princess turned into a Prisoner.



Nice one, Mr. 趙. You're being sued.

5 個解答

  • 8 年前

    To find out the true identity of Princess, the only clue we can get from the Royal family is a cut butt.


    Also from the police mug shots, it had happened sometime before Christmas...


    2012-12-22 09:18:19 補充:

    Just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

    2012-12-22 09:21:55 補充:


    a cut butt --> a cute butt

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  • 8 年前








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  • 8 年前

    Gotta agree with the Bad Bear, I picked this one out from Google image:

    Although it lacks the fiestiness I want in it.

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  • 8 年前
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  • Shuang
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    In 7-ELEVEn commercial store has advertisement that there is a girl who live in the New York city's corner that at the cooling night which at Harvard's girl.

    2012-12-19 21:27:50 補充:

    Sipplement: 7-ELEVEn has take-free Reading Note (2012/12/11~2013/2/5) that has a picture that the title is"the most poor Harvard's girl" who her name is Liz Murray that was born at Bronx, New York. The following story is written by Chinese that if you can read it, then the price is equal to NT$ 252.

    2012-12-19 21:28:56 補充:

    Correct: is Supplementnot Sipplement.

    參考資料: me, me, me
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