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不用太長 適中便可



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    For the advantages of a single building room:-

    (1)different room offered

    (2)free space to choice to enjoy

    (3)bedroom and study room with facilities.

    For the disadvantages of a single building room:-

    (1)Enter alphabet wrongly in elbow standing room.

    (2)no furniture, not comfortable

    (3)too many people.

    For the advantages of an apartment/flat:-

    (1)set of rooms for living in on one floor.

    (2)share a rented room or flat at college

    (3)sitting room provided,self-catering.

    For the disadvantages of an apartment/flat:-

    (1)dear rent to pay and live=lodgings

    (2)holiday/vacation too noisy

    (3)roomate be very bad.

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  • chen
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    使用簡易的英文就可以不用太長 適中便可

    [ Single ] house 獨棟房子

    Townhouse [ 市區 ]連棟房子

    Apartment[ flat ] 公寓


    Perfection 優點

    1 Dependable 踏實

    2 Practical 實用

    3 More civil 平民 化

    Imperfection 缺點

    No comment , wanted by people each.無評論 ,視各別所需.人生 3 大福 [幸福 ] [ 成家 立業 有子女 ]Threehappiness [ house, marriage, and baby]

    Mansion 豪宅 Building 大夏


    Perfection 優點

    1 Luxurious 豪華

    2 Fashionable 氣派

    3 Glorious 榮耀

    Imperfection 缺點

    1 Expensive 昂貴

    2 Arrogant 驕傲

    3The riches 富 人化

    All in all,I could say; Purchasing a house being more and more carefully,

    . it’s not trifling matter [ child’s play ]General- house values the expensive price of thousands over,

    . yeah, 2.2 K .

    The building is very luxurious that gives somebody disappointed

    總之 , 要該說的是;買房要想得 ,仔仔又細細 , 不能當兒戲 .房子售價仟萬起 , 阿2.2K ! , 想買就是買不起.大樓很豪氣 ,想房就漏氣 .

    參考資料: S.H. Chen 系統工程師的居酒屋
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