Agent 47 有些單字聽不懂 求script

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0:06~1:20 分處的一些單字聽不懂...



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  • 8 年前

    ICA operative, codenamed Agent 47.

    "Facts about the genesis of Ort-Meyer's specimen 640509-040147 are few…"

    Salvaged documents are "TETRA EYES ONLY".

    (Reading the report)

    Enrolled 2000.

    Handler assigned: Diana Burnwood.

    No training required.

    ICA profiling tools insufficient or inapplicable.

    Execution is persistently flawless.

    Maintains a one hundred percent mission success rate.

    Tasked with the execution of Diana Burnwood, operative wrote:

    ICA emergency protocol initiated.

    Agent 47, priority 1-A Kill Order issued.

    All operatives assigned.

    影片0:37/1:53 畫面上顯示 "TETRA" 字樣, 是 ICA 維安代號之一.

    'TETRA EYES ONLY' 指檔案只能給TETRA級的人員看.

    Enrolled 2000 是指Diana Burnwood 從2000年開始替 ICA 工作..

    2013-01-30 10:50:11 補充:


    Enrolled 2000 是指 Agent 47 從2000年開始替 ICA 工作, not Diana Burnwood.

    Tasked with the execution of Diana Burnwood, operative [went] 'rogue'.

    ('went' was omitted for brevity.)


    2013-01-30 11:19:01 補充:

    被指派殺死Diana Burnwood 的任務使 Agent 47 反叛 [ICA]

    Agent 47 就變成第一優先被 ICA 追殺的對象.

    2013-01-30 11:26:32 補充:

    Jim 大師,要不是看了你的前導和參考Agent 47 網站,光聽也很難抓對字.不敢當!

  • 8 年前

    Linda S. 真是厲害,佩服!!!!!