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誰能幫我翻譯這一小段英文 !!

我怎麼翻都覺得有哪裡怪怪滴 !!

請各位大大幫我翻一個最正確的好嗎 ^&^

Overwhelmingly, borrowers have shown their creditworthiness,

with a solid 98% repaying their loans.


那就是~~~~ A + expand + B + to C

要如何用這個造一個例句呢 ?

請聰明的你們幫幫我吧 ! 謝謝 : ))


不好意思,主要是solid的翻譯不知如何插入會比較適當 ! 你好像沒翻出solid ^^

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  • 8 年前

    絕大(壓倒性)多數, 98%的借款人有支付(他們的)貸款的好信譽

    The school expanded the activities to include climbing and mountaineering.

    2013-01-31 23:36:47 補充:

    you might want to translate "repay" (in above, I translated as "支付") as "償還". I purposely eliminate "their" in my translation, because, in my opinion, that "loans" and "creditworthiness" are theirs is understandable. Having "他們的" in translation is kind of wordy(羅唆) .

    2013-02-01 02:41:41 補充:

    "solid" means "結實的" or "實在的". "solid 98%" means it is at least 98%, not like 97.7%, 97.8%, or 97.9% gets truncated into 98%.

    2013-02-01 02:44:24 補充:

    As chinese, we like to use "結結實實的" or "實實在在的" to emphasize that 98%.

    2013-02-01 02:49:09 補充:

    So if you want to translate "solid", you can do:

    絕大(壓倒性)多數, 實實在在的98%的借款人有支付(他們的)貸款的好信譽.

    My Chinese is kind of deteriorating, don't pick on my Chinese, I just try to give you an idea what it means. (25 years without writing Chinese).

    2013-02-01 07:31:07 補充:

    master James! You have again provided a good way to translate! Thanks a lot!

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