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請問 to spout gems ....是甚麼意思?

You expect india’s bestselling author to spout wisecracking one-liners like his characters. But he’s more into spouting gems of wisdom. Pratibha Umashankar demystifies his many avatars

How many of us have grown up — or know of a fellow Indian who has — in a cosmopolitan housing society daring to defy that unspoken, unwritten rule against these two communities as neighbours? Not too many, I’m sure… what with property agents rejecting prospective Muslims tenants due to their surnames, revealing that certain suburbs of Mumbai are out of bounds for them, and spouting gems such as “The landlords want only Indians, not Muslims”.

以上兩段(不同來源)都是印度新聞的文章,都有 spouting gems ....的用語.

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  • 8 年前

    spout 是 "說出"

    to spout wisecracking one-liners 說出簡短而諷刺的話

    spouting gems of wisdom 說出智慧語

    spout gems 可說是上面 spout gems of wisdom 的簡化


    第一句 spout wisecracking one-liners 是指該作家筆下人物很擅長講些很簡短又很諷刺(甚至惡毒)的話。但是作者本人不是那樣,而是口出珠璣語。


  • 8 年前

    So I see that CCT had driven you out too eh dear MSG...

    She not only spouts gems of wisdom, she radiates wisdom!

  • 8 年前

    CCT! I like your answer better than mine. Especially, you have pointed out the two sides of this saying. Relatively speaking, mine is shallower. Nice job!

    2013-02-13 23:06:36 補充:

    Master Panda! If someone can do a better job, I shall appreciate for sharing the knowledge. "drive me out" is a little too extreme. I just take myself out to support an answer that is better than mine.