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Aqua 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前



1) 打薄

2) 打內薄、外薄

3) 剪側(單)邊瀏海



3 個解答

  • 7 年前

    1) 打薄

    thinning the hair

    2) 打內薄、thinning from inside-out

    外薄 thinning from the outside-in

    Removing the bulk of the inner part of the hair using the thinning shears will help calm curly hair. Stylists typically adopt an "inside-out" method versus the traditional "outside-in" method when cutting curly or frizzy hair. With traditional haircuts, the outer shape of the hair is the first thing that is created; however, thick, curly hair must be thinned from the inside-out to conserve length when softly shaping later on.

    3) 剪側(單)邊瀏海

    Side sweeping bang haircut

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  • Aqua
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    7 年前

    To: 河豚 ( 實習生 5 級 )

    You know, there is a reason why you would only get 15% of "best answer" in the English section, and only 14% of overall preference in choosing you as the best answerer. What you have just given me makes no sense at all in that context!!

    2013-02-04 13:52:07 補充:

    You might want to give yourself some respect by deleting the inept and stupid "answer" right now, before others sees the joke you are putting up here. Oh I am sorry, you might not even know what I am actually typing here do you?!

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  • 7 年前


    打內薄Playing in the thin

    打外薄External slim

    剪側邊瀏海Cut side Bian Liuhai

    剪單邊瀏海Cutting unilateral Hong Hai

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