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DaSaGwa 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前


Today, I read a piece of news. In it, there is a statement quoted by Terry Guo (郭台銘):


Can any English able master help to translate into English?

Thanks a lot!

My own take is:

No matter how poor it is, education shall not be property-stricken;

No matter how bitter it is, children shall not be suffering.

Mine is very straight forward, it doesn't seem to catch the spirit of its original Chinese statement.


I really appreciate all 3 masters. Your interpretation all its own uniqueness from a different point of view. Thanks a million! Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

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Master Princess! Unfortunately, I don't know TG personally.

Master James! The following link is the news that I saw the Chinese statement in my question:鴻海聯歡-郭董七千萬捐夜光天使-213000291...

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Master Kevin! Thank you for your offer! It is really fortune that there are so many English able masters in this English forum. For those English enthusiasts (like me), this is really a great place to learn !!!

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I really appreciate all of you for providing your thought about this simple yet hard to achieve statement. It has been a great experience to learn different way of translation. Thank you all again!

10 個解答

  • 7 年前

    Too easy:

    Being broke, break not the education

    All suffering, suffer not the young minds

    But rhetoric is easy and action is messy.

    2013-02-09 15:02:00 補充:

    Hey, melon dude - are you related to TG?

    2013-02-09 15:50:09 補充:

    And do you have $20 for a hungry (and suffering) princess?

    2013-02-09 23:05:41 補充:

    I was trying to be structurely closer (or as much as possible) to TW.

    2013-02-10 00:53:33 補充:

    At grade school, I need to wake up at 4:30AM to feed my cows, ponies, and chickens.

    I wish my daddy were the priest.

    2013-02-10 00:58:49 補充:

    Until we all become saints, there will always be suffering and those vulnerables are usually on the top of the list. Imaging the sex slaves and human trafficking that are so obviously wrong. If some continue doing these what do you expect for moot edu and social policies.

    2013-02-10 01:01:11 補充:

    Just look at the mess you old dudes leave us. Shame on you guys!

    Of course, 40 years from now - it will be my turn to be fie upon.

    2013-02-10 01:03:57 補充:

    Hey, Kevin dude - how is the C++ for your son? Does he need a smart (and cute) girl friend? But I may be too old for him.

    2013-02-10 12:51:27 補充:

    Kevin dude, Good for your son - I wish him well.

    2013-02-10 13:15:58 補充:

    Hmm, I never realized that @-@ are panda eyes.

    I though @^@ are...

    2013-02-10 22:48:32 補充:

    Nope, I did not mean that. I meant to say:

    I thought @^@ are panda balls but because he went deep into the dark side afar, I thought he lost his on his journey there.

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  • 7 年前


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  • 7 年前

    Haha thanks Linda,

    I shall be a spectator this time!

    @ - @

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  • 7 年前

    Hi all masters.

    Master Panda is not here, 就讓 Linda try try ㄅ!

    (I really need to earn some points.)

    "Education should not be sacrificed for poverty.

    No child shall be neglected due to hardship."

    2013-02-10 08:14:47 補充:

    Oops! I forgot his Panda eyes :


    2013-02-10 15:00:05 補充:

    '@-@' are used when pandas have chewed enough bamboo shoots and feel satisified. (no smile, feel lazy as usual)

    '@^@' are used when they are not happy with their food and feel upset...

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  • 7 年前


    Cut budget all you can, but not in education.

    Reduce expenditure wherever possible, but not for children.

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  • 7 年前


    Being down-and-out is not an excuse to cut education spending. Hardship must never be passed on to our children.

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  • 7 年前

    Master Princess! Maybe "rhetoric is easy and action is messy" is true. If one can do one's best to help, then there will be one less child to suffer. Seeing so many innocent children suffering and being placed in a harm way is why this statement caught my eyes.

    2013-02-10 13:44:29 補充:

    neither do I! I learn a new thing unexpected !

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  • Kevin
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    再窮不能窮教育,再苦也不能苦孩子. If anything is to be impoverished, it's not education; if any people are to suffer, it's not children. Education should be the last thing, if any, to be deprived; children the last people to suffer.

    2013-02-10 07:20:33 補充:


    Well, I never heard him asking for help since, so he must have figured out some way. Thanks for asking. ^_^

    As for girlfriend issues, I think I'll leave most of them to himself. Old school opinions won't appeal to him, anyway.

    2013-02-10 07:31:02 補充:

    To protect their young from suffering is typical for parents, of whom TG is certainly one. But it's not tough work the young may suffer that I am concerned about; it's the distorted, though not impoverished, edcation system they've been forced through.

    2013-02-10 07:37:28 補充:

    So I would've put it this way:

    Mess whatever you may, leave our education.

    Torture whoever you will, spare our young.

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  • 7 年前


    Poverty shall not impoverish education;

    Adversity shall not embitter children

    I don’t know…郭台銘的意思是,父母親不應該培養能吃苦的孩子嗎?

    My translation take “苦”the other way, which may not be what Terry Gou meant to say.

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    Any expense could be cut, but not our educational investment..

    Every person should suffer from the poor economics, but not our children.

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