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英文翻譯 ~~ 拜託 !! 請不要用翻譯機的 謝謝~

如果有一天 我變得冷漠無情了

請別忘了 曾經 你也只把我當成空氣

如果有一天 我變得目中無人了

請別忘了 曾經 你也不把我放在眼裡

如果有一天 我不想再在乎你了

請別忘了 曾經 你視而不見我的難過

如果有一天 我不再深愛著你了

請你忘了 曾經 我是那麼卑微的愛過

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    也容Panda try try ㄅ,如下:

    如果有一天 我變得冷漠無情了,If I were to become indifferent one day,

    *indifferent = 冷漠,毫不關心

    請別忘了 曾經 你也只把我當成空氣。please bear in mind that I was once also invisible to you.

    *bear in mind = 別忘了

    *invisible = 隱形之所以我沒用空氣是因為空氣事實上是很重要的,沒有空氣我們怎麼活?

    如果有一天 我變得目中無人了,If I were to become an arrogant soul one day,

    *arrogant soul = 自大無比的人

    請別忘了 曾經 你也不把我放在眼裡。please bear in mind that I was once also insignificant in your eye.

    *insignificant = 微小的

    如果有一天 我不想再在乎你了,If I were to stop caring about you one day,

    請別忘了 曾經 你視而不見我的難過。please bear in mind that you were once oblivious to my pain.

    *oblivious = 不以為意

    如果有一天 我不再深愛著你了,If I were to cease loving you so deeply one day,

    *cease = 停止

    請你忘了 曾經 我是那麼卑微的愛過。please by all means forget that I loved so pathetically.

    *by all means = 一定要

    *pathetically = 可悲的


    參考資料: Panda 靈活翻譯社
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    PHCY Panda

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    If one day I become apathyPlease don't forget you only treat me like airIf one day I become defiantPlease don't forget you are ignoring meIf one day I don't want to care for youPlease do not forget you ignore my sorryIf one day I don't love you anymoreYou forgot that I used to be so humble loves

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    很美的字 之前在FB看過^^