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「首先很開心妳喜歡我上次送你的生日禮物,你po好多照片在facebook,讓我有點受寵若驚,那時我用圖書館電腦看,看到妳po的照片,我一直傻笑!! 圖書館的人都在看我,實在有點尷尬」





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    Grace 大您好, Long time no see! 也讓Panda來 try tryㄅ, 如下: 首先很開心妳喜歡我上次送你的生日禮物,你po好多照片在facebook,讓我有點受寵若驚,那時我用圖書館電腦看,看到妳po的照片,我一直傻笑!! 圖書館的人都在看我,實在有點尷尬.Firstly, I am totally thrilled about your loving the present I got for you. You posted so many pictures of it on facebook, and I was totally flattered! I was using the library computer at the time, and when I saw those pictures, I could not help but chuckle uncontrollably; it was a little embarrassing how everyone was staring at me. *thrilled = 非常開心 *flattered = 受寵若驚 *chuckle uncontrollably= 無法自拔的傻笑


    Since the pink shoes are already sold out, I am sending you these black leopard-dotted shoes instead, and I will send you another pair of shoes picked out by me next time. *black leopard-dotted = 黑色豹紋

    這家店的鞋子都是手工製的,限量加上手工製是我想送這鞋子的原因之一,手工製總是特別吸引人,但之前我也沒穿過這牌子,希望它好穿Shoes sold at this store are all handmade and in limited quantity, and that is precisely why I have bought you these shoes, as handmade products are always irresistible to buyers. However, as I have never worn shoes of this brand, hopefully they are comfortable to wear. *handmade = 手工

    *limited quantity = 限量 *irresistible = 無法抗拒

    當我在做這本日記本(行事曆)時,覺得妳實在太漂亮了,突然覺得上帝好不公平,妳完美到我無法挑剔,但我很驕傲我有那麼完美的朋友As I was writing this diary, I totally thought you were simply drop-dead gorgeous, and how God was so biased; you are so perfect in every way, and I am just proud to have a friend like you. *drop-dead gorgeous = 極其美麗 *biased = 偏好 希望有幫助!

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    PHCY Panda

    easy understand about such a answer [ +1 ]

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    "First of all very happy you like the last time I send you a birthday present, you po many pictures in facebook, so I'm a little flattered when I use the library computer to look at, to see photos of your po, I always giggle!! Librarypeople are looking at me, it is a bit embarrassing "

    "That pink shoes already sold out, so I send this first double black leopard shoes to you

    But next time I will send a pair of shoes I picked you! "

    Store shoes are handmade, limited edition and handmade one of the reasons I wanted to send the shoes, handmade always particularly attractive, but before I did not pass through this brand, I hope that it is good to wear '

    "When I was doing this diary (calendar) think you're too pretty, I suddenly felt God really fair, you perfect to me can not be picky, but I am proud that I have the perfect friend

  • 8 年前

    我覺得 庭瑜 古 寫的比較好

    庭瑜 古 的英文是比較美式的,比較當地化,所以會比較好

    而且 庭瑜 古 的句子比較有變化.

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  • 8 年前

    "First of all, very happy you like your birthday gift my last you Po many pictures in Facebook, so I'm a little flattered, then I used library computers, see pictures you Po, I've been giggling!! Library people are looking at me, embarrassed "

    "The pink shoes have been sold out, so I'll send you a pair of black Leopard shoes,But next time, I will also send you a pair I picked shoes! "

    "This store of shoes are handmade, limited edition with handmade is one of the reasons I wanted this shoe, handmade is always attractive, but I did walk across the brand before, hope it is good to wear"

    "When I was doing the journal (calendar), you think you are so beautiful, and suddenly felt God it really unfair, perfect to you I cannot be picky, but I'm proud I have a perfect friend"

  • 8 年前

    First of all , I am glad that you liked the gift I gave it to you, you posted pictures on facebook which made me awkward.Because I was laughing while everyone started staring at me.

    The pink shoe was sold out, so I sent the black one to you instead.But I will sent

    the shoe that I chosen to you next time

    The shoe was home-made,and it was limit. Those home-made shoes were more attractive than the others.So, this is ths reason why I bought this shoe.I had never wear this brand, hope it fits.

    When I was making this notebook, I thought that you are so extremely pretty.I felt that the god was unfair.You are so perfect that I cant even be picky.But I am proud that I have a perfect friend like you

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