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deal with 與 cope with 都是處理....


deal with 與 cope with 都是處理.....的意思,請問用法有何不同?

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    1. If you cope with a problem or task, you deal with it successfully.

    Young people especially find it difficult to cope with death.

    2. If you have to cope with an unpleasant situation, you have to accept it or bear it.

    3. If a machine or a system can cope with something it is large enough or complex enough to deal with it satisfactory.

    4. When you deal with something or someone that needs attention, you give your attention to them, and often solve a problem or make a decision oncerning them.

    The government must now deal with the problem of high unemployment.

    He is not great at dealing with stress.

    She's dealing with her father's death very well.

    I spent the morning dealing with my emails.

    5. If you deal with an unpleasant emotion or an emotionally difficult situation, you recognize it, and remain calm and in control of yourself in spite of it.

    6. If a book, speech, or film deals with a particular thing, it has that thing as its subject or is concerned with it

    7. If you deal with a particualr person or organization, you have business relations with them.


    to deal with可以接人當受詞

    但 to cope with不能接人當受詞

    所以用to deal with來解釋to cope with沒問題,但用to cope with有時是無法代替to deal with的。

    以上係參考Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

    Collins Cobuild English Dictionary for Advanced Learners


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    to deal successfully with a difficult situation

    It must be difficult to cope with three small children and a job.

    The tyres on my car don't cope very well on wet roads.

    He had so much pressure on him in his job that eventually he just couldn't cope

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    這是Cambridge 網路字典對

    deal with someone/something 



    to develop a way to manage or relate to someone or something:

    We have to deal with problems as they arise.

    She had a marvelous ability to deal with people.

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    Cambridge網路字典也是持相同的解釋,cope with不對人,只對事。但deal with可對人,也可對事。

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    It must be difficult to cope with three small children and a job.

    對不起,沒有注意到Cambridge字典的例句也有將cope with搭配上children的用法,所以我原先的判讀不周全。cope with也可以接人+事。

    2013-03-07 16:25:37 補充:

    也許three small children + a job被當成一個situation,所以是不可分開考慮的狀況。並不代表單獨只有three small children時是不好處理。