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    The first time I heard Whitney’s voice, I was mesmerized like the rest of the world. Just an unknown budding singer myself, I was captivated by the power in her range, the richness of her tone, and her unique ability to wrap a lyric in emotion.

    我第一次聽見惠特妮的聲音,跟世界上所有人一樣,著迷了! 那時我自己是沒沒無聞,才剛起步的歌手,被她音域的力道,聲音的渾厚,以及她將歌詞包裝在情感裡的特有能力迷住了。

    When I first met Whitney, well we didn’t really meet. We were backstage at the Grammy Awards, and we exchanged glances. I was in awe, a tiny bit scared! Because, hello, I mean, there were a couple of rumors out there that we had some kind of "rivalry". One thing we all know is that Whitney was not to be toyed with, OK?

    我首度會見惠特妮時…… 嗯,我們其實稱不上會面。那是在葛萊美獎頒獎的後台,我們互望一眼,我欽畏她,有點害怕。因為,各位得明白,那時候有些傳言說我倆有些瑜亮心結。大家都曉得,惠特妮不是隨隨便便甘心讓人耍弄的人,對不對?

    But then we first worked together on Prince of Egypt, our Oscar-winning duet, and we got to spend a lot of time together as we promoted it, and we really got to know each other as people, not divas. OK, maybe, occasionally it did get a little diva-ish, but that was just for laughs! Just for laughs!

    不過,後來我們在雙人合唱而得獎的 《埃及王子》 中首度合作。打歌時,我們有機會在一起滿長的時間,真正能夠了解對方,是了解 「人」,而不是 「女歌手」... 好吧,也許偶爾是帶點女歌手的樣子,不過那是鬧著玩,博笑的。

    She was a hilarious person with a cutting sense of humor. She was real, and she kept it real, and that’s why we got along so well, and so many others feel like I do. If you really knew Whitney, you couldn’t help but love her.

    她是個搞笑的人,有很強的幽默感。 她是真實的,她保持著純真,所以我們很合得來,很多人也跟我有相同的感覺。 要是你真的認識惠特妮,你會禁不住地愛她。

    When I last saw Whitney, we were in London, exactly one year ago. And for us, it was business as usual -- laughter, commentary of the room, and jokes galore. And even then, folks were surprised to see us sitting right next to each other, clearly enjoying each other’s company, but we did. And we were.

    我最後見到惠特妮是在倫敦,正好一年前。對我倆來說,一切是依舊 ── 笑聲綿綿、評論最大聲、笑話一籮筐。 即使到了那時候,人們對我倆坐在一起,相伴為樂,感到驚訝,可是我們真的是樂於坐在一起為伴的。

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    I miss my friend. I miss hearing her voice and laughter, but we’ll always, we’ll always have the music. We will always have the music! We’ll always have that voice we all fell in love with. She inspired us all. We’ll always have my friend, Miss Whitney Houston.

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    我懷念我的朋友!我思念,想聽她的聲音、她的笑聲,但,我們會一直、一直擁有她的音樂! 我們會一直擁有她的音樂! 我們會一直擁有那個我們都愛戀的聲音。 她激勵了我們,我們會一直擁有我的朋友,惠特妮休士頓小姐!