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可否使用英文,幫我寫一個關於下述2部影片的故事過程或大意,或者是幫我把這2部的影片所說的對話翻譯成中文 千萬不要使用翻譯機翻文句,用翻譯機翻的句子看得出來,因為都是按照中文排列組合去翻,很糟糕


You're a good sport, Charlie Brown Part 1You're a good sport, Charlie Brown Part 2




拜託 會懂得翻譯的人趕快進來 拯救我可憐的弱女子吧

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  • 8 年前

    Snoopy is playing tennis while testing an automated ball server, which soon malfunctions and pelts the beagle repeatedly with tennis balls. Later, Sally and a reluctant Linus arrive at the local tennis court to play tennis, but when Linus notes that the courts are "full with big kids", Sally loses her temper and warns the big kids to get off the court "or my boyfriend will clobber you!" After hearing that, Linus panics and runs away.

    Snoopy arrives, and plays against an unseen player. After executing rather unorthodox tactics, Snoopy gains the lead. However, as a result of a few mistakes, he blows his lead of 6-5, (and reacts by ramming the net, beating up his racket, etc.) A one-point sudden-death tie-breaker is held, but Snoopy misses a pass, losing the match. Snoopy responds by breaking his racket in two, a la John McEnroe. The winner of the match is revealed to be Woodstock.

    Peppermint Patty, who is making the rounds of the neighborhood, arrives and informs those who are present about the upcoming motocross race; she suggests that Snoopy should get a bike and enter. Peppermint Patty enters, and convinces Charlie Brown and Linus to enter. She states that the winner of the motocross will win two tickets to the Pro Bowl; so Linus, volunteering as the pit crew, suggests to Charlie Brown that he could enter the race. Charlie Brown agrees, but only if he and Linus combine their money and buy a bike together.

    At the bike shop, they purchase a poor-quality bike with what they can afford.

    The race commences, with Snoopy and Charlie Brown promptly wiping out on the first turn. Charlie Brown loses his helmet in the accident. While rushing to the hospitals, the ambulances accidentally switch the two around, and Charlie Brown is abruptly taken to a vet kennel while Snoopy is admitted into the hospital. After snapping out of his daze, Charlie Brown escapes from the vets, pulls Snoopyfrom the hospital, and they make their way back to the motocross.


    參考資料: Me, and Synopsis