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  • 7 年前

    Dear Sir/Madam, We are hoping to do a trade with your company. I believe our high-standard products are ready to enter your market. We have provided with you the most valued, most recent products to show for your reference. (Cellphone catalog with literatures and pictures)We are established in 1997, and with many past experience with major OEM manufactures, and we founded HTC as the brand in 2006, and developed many mobile devices with appraise and recognitions. We are thriving for the experiences base on the personal need, and it will be based on the needs of different users. We are hoping that our products will meet with your need, and we will provide with you our company’s products in greater detail and with more information. We are looking forward to hear reply from you. Sincerely yours, XXX

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  • 7 年前

    Dear Sir and Madam:

    We hope to trade with you, I believe that our high standards of product ready to enter your market

    We offer our top rated, newest products, for your reference. (Mobile phone catalogue [map])We started in 1997, experience of working with many well-known OEM manufacturers, was established in 2006 HTC brand launched acclaimed action devices, and success in the industry. We are committed to creating a personalized user experience, convinced that each action unit to Centre for the needs of different users.

    Hope that our products can meet your needs in the future can give you more details and information on our products, we look forward to your response.

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