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[英文]醫學英文中翻英 急~~


我不要Google翻譯 謝謝



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    ---The translation from C/E without Google translation:-----

    ---Many methods can not be a fully accurate measurement of intra-cranial blood clot volumn; because to remove the intra-cranial blood clots ,and to measure the accurate size are unrealistic. Hence no way to verify the measurement results and their actual blood clots to be close to each other.

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    Many current methods are insufficient for accurate estimations of intracranial

    <blood clot>* volumes.

    As it is implausible to remove the <blood clot>* for the sole purpose of

    measuring its volume, the accuracy of the estimate cannot be verified.


    1. Thrombus: blood clot that formed in vessel and remained there. 複數: thrombi.

    2. Embolus: intravascular mass (blood clot/gas/fat etc) that is carried by circulation and can clog arterial capillary beds. 複數: emboli.

    3. Hematoma: accumulation of blood outside of blood vessel (can be clotted or

    in liquid form...)

    參考資料: Myself
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    To measure the real volume of blood clots in brain precisely by a variety of current methods is hardly achieved.Because It is too unrealistic to remove the blood clots by craniotomy only for accurately measuring, we couldn't verify whether or not it is very close to each other between the outcome and real volume of blood clots.

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