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CHIEH 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前



(1) 請將您隨身攜帶的電子用品關機或調震動,避免影響台上的表演者。

(2) 請不要拍照或攝影,我們專業的攝影團隊會為所有表演者留下美美的照片。

(3) 請不要在場內飲食,如有需要,請至會場外,我們有飲水機提供您飲用。

(4) 請不要於表演過程中交談,避免影響其他來賓的觀賞權益。

(5) 若有要事需要告知台上表演者,請告知我們的工作人員轉達,或於中場休息時間,至場外表演者練習區知會表演者 。

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  • 7 年前

    Here you go:

    (1) 請將您隨身攜帶的電子用品關機或調震動,避免影響台上的表演者。 Please turn off your personal electronic devise; or switch it to vibrate, lest it interferes with the performance.

    (2) 請不要拍照或攝影,我們專業的攝影團隊會為所有表演者留下美美的照片。Please do not take pictures. Our professional photographers will take beautiful pictures for all performers.

    (3) 請不要在場內飲食,如有需要,請至會場外,我們有飲水機提供您飲用。No food or drinks allowed in the arena. We have provided drinking fountains outside for your convenience

    (4) 請不要於表演過程中交談,避免影響其他來賓的觀賞權益。Please refrain from talking in the middle of a performance, lest other’s enjoyments are affected by it.

    (5) 若有要事需要告知台上表演者,請告知我們的工作人員轉達,或於中場休息時間,至場外表演者練習區知會表演者 。If you need to communicate urgent matters to the performer, please do so through our staff; or do it during the intermission, at the practice area outside the arena.

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  • 7 年前

    (1) please send your portable electronic equipment shut down or reduce vibrations and avoid affecting performers on stage.

    (2) do not take photographs or photography, our professional photography photo of the team will leave the United States for all performers.

    (3) do not present in the diet, if necessary, to the outside of the venue, we have a water dispenser provides your drink.

    (4) do not talk during the performance to avoid affecting the interests of other guests to watch.

    (5) if there is something important needs to inform the performers on stage, please inform our staff to convey, or at intermission time, to outside play area inform the performers.

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