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急!!! 請各位"英文很好"的大大幫幫忙~!!!

我本人住在紐西蘭,剛來紐西蘭讀書沒多久,差不多一年吧。有很多很多的功課像是 報告,(報告書這類得特別多)大部分都是用power point,slideshow 來做的報告。


科目是:Global Study (世界全球,社會。。。)

大部分都是要寫有關Droughts(乾旱) 的東西。。。以下是要寫(找資料)ㄉ標題和內容:


1.Impacts (of Droughts)

The impacts of drought, if there were no rain, the plants and grass will wilt and the ground will crack. The animals will not have water and food to eat. The animals will slowly die, the farmers will have big problem. Farmers may lose money if a drought destroys their crops. If the crops can't grow, the farmers will have to bring the milk and meat prices up. The customer will have to pay more to buy food. If a farmer's water supply is too low, the farmer may have to spend more money to drill new wells. It will also affect dairy products: like milk,cheese,etc. (若有文法錯誤請糾正) >>>請幫忙多想或找一些資料(Should be in English),內容不足。

★2.economic impact(of droughts) >>請幫忙回答。。找資料!(寫不出東西啦~~:(( )

★3.Social:請幫忙找有關Social 的

例:Political (e.g when you want to borrow money from the world bank, all twelve countries (the 'bosses' of the bank) has to agree to lend you money. Or Trading. When you e.g run out of apples, the country that you sign a contract with will stop buying apples from you and turn to another country for apples. And if you ask assistance from e.g Australia, they may not help you. Since NZ run out of money and they can't get e.g apples from their own trees, they will buy apples from other countries and since they have no money, they will buy low quality food.類似這樣的)

★4.Recommendations(of droughts) (最重要的一個!!也是結尾ㄉ~)

Reduce water consumption:

We can save water by Take shorter showers. One way to cut down on water use is to turn off the shower after soaping up, then turn it back on to rinse. A four-minute shower uses about 20 to 40 gallons of water. and don't flow the water if you're not using it.

>>還需要寫更多有關RECOMMENDATION 的,或:How to overcome droughts.


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  • NZ
    Lv 6
    7 年前

    1: you can write something about " impact on residential areas" for example: gardening which needs water supply if there is no rain!!

    2: New Zealand uses hydro-electricity to supply electricy, you can illustarte something relates to it.

    3: Social, as you said, commodaity prices are up, it would causes "much of the impact" on lower income people even to most of the NZ citizens to cut daily spendings. It is also likely to mix with polictical decisions and how people response to the views.

    4: save water is the key point but how people know the best ways or options to save water? perhaps through education? govt bodies? parents? friends?


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  • //(ㄒoㄒ)// 嗚。。 流淚中...)) 怎都沒人回答~!!! SOS 誰來幫偶~~

    -︵- 我知道真ㄉ粉難~因為我也不會丫。。。:"

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