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Experience is Everything

Fancy table linens and candles aren’t typically found in most quick-service restaurants, but incorporating them could be the secret to a happier customer. During a recent Cornell study, one group of customers ate in a standard dining room at a Hardee’s restaurant in Champaign, Illinois. A second group dined in a Hardee’s resembling a fine-dining restaurant with linen tablecloths, candles on the table, and soft jazz music playing. Customers in both groups ordered the same amount of food from the menu, but patrons in the fine-dining section rated the food quality higher. “When you elevate the environmental experience, you certainly increase satisfaction,” says Dennis Lombardi, executive vice president of foodservice strategies at WD Partners. He says results stem from the halo effect: When one attribute of an experience is improved, it increases satisfaction in other areas.

Going so far as to incorporate linen tablecloths isn’t practical or even desired in most quick-service restaurants, but simple changes can increase satisfaction, says Brian Wansink, co-author of the study. “One of the easiest changes you can make is to play slow and quiet music, such as jazz standards,” he says. He also suggests adding indirect lighting in the dining room .

“Operators should be looking at anything and everything that might enhance the frequency of visits and purchases,” Lombardi says.


Technology: Ordering in HD

In-restaurant technology investments are no longer limited to just back-of-the-house operational initiatives or POS systems; increasingly, restaurants are turning to technology investments that directly improve guest experience.

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Using iPads creatively and installing WiFi are two steps restaurants can take. Furthermore, digital menus will allow restaurants to more easily run tests regarding menu layout, messaging, pricing, and promotions.

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    通常,精美台佈和蠟燭都沒有發現的最快速服務的餐廳,但將一個快樂的客戶,他們可能是秘密。在最近的一次康奈爾大學的研究,一個哈迪斯的餐廳在伊利諾州香檳,在一個標準的餐廳要了一組客戶。第二組​​在一個哈迪斯的類似亞麻桌布,桌子上的蠟燭,軟的爵士音樂演奏的一個高級餐廳共進晚餐。在這兩個群體的客戶訂購了相同數量的食物從菜單中,但顧客在精緻優雅的部分額定食品質量更高。 “當你提升的環保經驗,你肯定會增加滿意,說:”餐飲業的戰略執行副總裁丹尼斯·隆巴迪,在WD合作夥伴。他說,,結果源於暈輪效應:當一個屬性的經驗進行了改進,它增加了在其他方面的滿意度。

    至今將亞麻桌布是不實際的,甚至需要在最快速服務的餐廳,但簡單的改變可以提高滿意度,布賴恩萬辛克說,該研究的合著者。 “其中一個最簡單的修改,就可以發揮緩慢而安靜的音樂,如爵士樂,”他說。他還建議說,在飯廳的間接照明。


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