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Dear Ms SHIH

Thank you for your email in relation to your electronic Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa application lodged via the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.


In the email previously sent on 25 March 2013 we asked you to provide additional documents, which as yet have not been received. To assist me in this assessment, this additional information is still required.

Please provide:

To enable this office to assess that you are a genuine visitor eligible for an electronic Working Holiday visa, it will be necessary for you to provide further information.

Please answer YES or NO to each declaration individually:

1. You have read and understand the information provided to you at the beginning of the application, and you are aware of the conditions that will apply to your visa and that you are required to abide by them.

2. You understand that the visa you are applying for does not permit you to be employed in Australia with one employer for more than 6 months.

3. You understand that the visa you are applying for does not permit you to undertake studies or training for more than 4 months.

4. You have sufficient funds for the initial period of your stay in Australia and for the fare to your intended overseas destination upon leaving Australia.

5. Any employment during your holiday in Australia will be short-term employment and the purpose of working is to supplement your holiday funds.

6. You are applying for a Working Holiday visa for the first time and have not previously entered Australia on a Working Holiday visa (on a passport of any country).

7. You have truthfully declared all relevant details required of you in your application.

8. If granted a visa, you will advise the Australian Government of any change in your circumstances.

9. You will respect Australian values during your stay in Australia and will obey the laws of Australia.

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  • Gloria
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    1. 妳已詳讀並了解申請初期提供給妳的所有資訊,妳也了解這個簽證的條件及妳必須要遵守

    2. 妳了解在澳洲期間不得在同一雇主下工作超過6個月

    3. 妳了解不可以修課超過4個月

    4. 妳有足夠的金錢供妳在澳洲期間及離開澳洲到目的國家所需的經費

    5. 在澳洲期間的工作都是短期的,目的是要提供妳渡假的經費

    6. 妳是第一次申請打工度假簽證,並且未曾以任何國家護照的打工度假簽證進入澳洲

    7. 妳在申請表內提供的所有細節都是真實的

    8. 如果獲得打工度假簽證,妳的狀況有任何改變會知會澳洲政府

    9. 待在澳洲期間,妳會尊重澳洲人的價值並遵守澳洲法律


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