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子茜 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

急急急~My favorite fruit

請幫我寫一篇My favorite fruit(mango)的英語作文

※ ※ 用字能盡量簡單就簡單 因為我是國一生

要在星期一前趕出來 因為我星期一要交




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  • 7 年前

    An English Compo 120 for junior one on My Favorite fruit(mango):----

    ----My favourite fruit is called "mango".My teacher said that mango grows from mangrove.In ancient time those Filipino ate mango fruit and died in south china seas ;that's why it's called "Man-Go" which means to die.

    ----It's a summer fruit.but nowadays we can eat mango in Taiwan all seasons around because of world-wide transportations!

    -----It is a tropical fruit with a thin skin and very sweet yellow flesh.A visit to our Tropical Fruit Market will see the pineapple, coconuts, bananas, papaya, starfruit, persimmons and the "Mango". Although all are yellow round fruits,we can see the mango easily because it is called The "King of Fruit"

    ----Let me tell you a secret by my mother.She cuts the mango's smooth yellow skin with a knife rotating around the middle; Then she twist and turns with hands along the ends at both ends and pull. Then the two sweet flesh plus the sweet seed can be savour and enjoy by the three of us

    -----Let all the natural fruit that Taiwan earth produces are best;let's enjoy the fruits of our labours; and let the tropical fruit"mango" tastes sweeter .(170 words)

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  • 7 年前



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