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教學 這個職稱聽說從創社時就有了



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    Recalling the three years of my high school career, I feel I have learned a lot. I have acquired a lot more knowledge and developed many more aspects of my abilities. The process signifies great impact in my future. 台中一中 is a very liberal school, so I am, like many others, actively involved in extracurricular activities. Joining the harmonica club has had the most influence on me. I learned a new instrument and I met many new friends. I became responsible for teaching new members during my second year in high school. I also became better at time managing in order to schedule more time to practice playing the harmonica. Additionally, I have learned to observe and voice my opinions to teachers and my club president. After participating in harmonica competitions, I have begun to appreciate the power of teamwork. Under our collaborated efforts, we came to win the National Music Competition.

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    Through working with a group of people towards a common goal, I realized the importance of human interactions. I have found the balance between school work and extracurricular activities. I have grown substantially since, especially through these remarkable experiences.

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    候選編號 002

    aspect -> aspects

    activly -> actively

    effected -> affected

    I was a teaching in Harmonica club? (What?)

    A teaching's first goal is to teach the students in tenth grade. (???)

    interactions between person and person -> interaction between people.

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    Recalls his high school for three years and learned a lot. Learned a lot about knowledge developing capability in itself, I will have an important impact on the future. Taichung is a school is free, so I and other people active in extra-curricular activities. Join the harmonica Club most deeply affected me, I learn a new musical instrument, making many new friends. Junior acted as harmonica teaching, teaching the primary objective is to teach first grade, in order to establish a mentor's style, I become more active to complete course work in order to free up more time to practice harmonica. From which I learn, teacher, President of each person's situation and to discuss how to improve. In addition, I fully appreciate the power of teamwork, participating in a harmonica contest must be prepared in advance a lot, in various concerted efforts by cadres and members, we participated in national music competitions and get better.


    When a group of people for common goals to make efforts, I appreciate the importance of people interact with the world, and learn the balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities, especially these valuable experiences, make me profit.

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    Reviewing my senior-high-school life, I feel that I've learn a lot.


    I've not only learned a lot of knowledge, but cultivated my abilities in many aspe-ct.These will all have a great influence on me in the future.


    Taichung First Senior High School is a school with free school spirit, so I took p-art in extra-curricular activities activly like others did.


    Which effected me the most was joining the Harmonica Club.I learned a new m-usic instrument, and made many new friends.


    When I was in eleventh grade, I was a teaching in Harmonica Club.A teaching's

    first goal is to teach the students in tenth grade.In order to build a Senior style,Ibecame more active in finishing my schoolwork to have more time to practice h-armonica.


    I also learned how to observe everyone's condition, reported them to the preside-nt of our club and discussed with the teacher on how to improve.


    Furthermore, I experienced the power of teamwork. Before participating in a har-monica contest,there were many things needed to be prepared. With the efforts that every cadre and club member put in it together, we took part in a national music contest and got the Winning.


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    Through making efforts for a common goal with a group of people, I realized the importance of the interactions between person and person. I've also learned how to handle the balance between schoolwork and extracurricular activities.Especially through these valuable experiences, I've benefited a lot.

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    Recalling his high school three years of life, I feel learned a lot. Learned a lot of knowledge, develop their own abilities in different aspects of the future, I will have an important impact.Taichung is a very liberal school, so I and other people actively involved in extra-curricular activities. The Join Kouqin She deepest impact on me, I learned a new instrument, make many new friends. Teaching Kouqin She served in the eleventh grade, the the teaching primary goal is to teach high school brother, in order to establish a seniors demeanor, I became more active to complete their assignments to empty more time practicing the harmonica. I also learn to observe each person's situation to the president, the teachers discuss how to improve. In addition, I appreciate the power of teamwork, to participate in a game of harmonica must be prepared in advance a lot, under the joint efforts of all cadres and members, we participate in the National Music Competition and get the winning.

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