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丹楓 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前













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  • 7 年前

    Oral presentation one minute:-

    Dear Professors:-

    I am xxx from Taoyuan Senior High School.

    I love reading Business Weekly ,magazine and movies, and tourism magazines. Speaking of groups in school life, my personality is easy-going, likes to get along well with others.

    Kids think that they've got a good time with me.

    In community I have participated had been the beauty society, cardK and the volunteer workers service, which were special experience for me. In participation in voluntary workers services, I learnt the spirits of helping people. In beauty society I learnt the many beauty make-up technic and popular knowledge. The cardK social events offered me a special experience.

    In dance performance I learnt how to express myself and how to communicate with people. The team activities has offered me to become more cheerful and an all-round personality.

    Since I've a strong interest in Mathematics, I want to be able to enter successfully the Fu Jen University,Department of Statistics so as to delve deeper into serious learning.

    Thanks for your kind attention.

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    7 年前


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  • 7 年前

    Good professors, I'm XXX from Taoyuan senior high school, I love business weeklies, magazines and movies, there are tourism, groups in school life, my personality is very easy-going and likes to get along with others, students are happy to get along with me.

    In community in the I participation had beauty Yeon-, and card k and Chi workers service, these is is special of experience, in participation Chi workers service Shi learn to many help people of spirit, and in beauty Yeon-social learn to many on beauty makeup and popular of knowledge, and card k social on I for is a special of experience, in dance performances in the I learned has how expression themselves, and and people communication, in team activities in the became more cheerful and round thaw, I on mathematics aspects has is strong of interest, hope to smooth into auxiliary yan University statistics information learn of studied deeper of learning.

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