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book report 趕~~thx

3篇F.1程度 ge 課外英文書book report~~thx

prefer The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 同埋Narnia系列


要好似公開介紹ge形式寫,用hello everybody,today i am going to share a book balalalala...開頭





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  • 7 年前

    Little Polar Bear

    I read a book called “Little Poar Bear”, this story is about Lars ,the little polar bear, lived with his dad near the North Pole where

    everthing was white.

    One day ,when Lars swam quite from his den, something terrible happened. Lars was caught ,pulled down deep into the sea !

    Then yanked up in a gigantic net. When he awoke, he didn’t know where

    he was. A love him was ladder, so he climbed up the slipper rungs.The

    net was emptied and Lars fel down into a pile of fish, landing so hard

    that he fainted. When he wanted to get out, he saw two large eyes staring

    at him, so Lars ran, then the eyes said “Don’t be afaird. It’s only me, Nemo, the ship’s cat. Welcome !” Then they became friends, but when

    Nemo know Lars wanted to go his home, “That isn’t possible,” Then Lars

    went to country, he saw a dog, Johnny, and he was the ship’ dog too. He

    said “my ship leaves for the Arctic tomorrow, Lars was happy.

    After that, Lars went to his home and saw his parents, they went not sure they understood, but they were so happy to have Lars home again, it didn’t to really matter. That right all slept together.

    In this story , my favourite parts end. I feel happy because the polar bear can live with their parents. That I know my family are love me

    Too. Wish you like this book!


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