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幫Panda 翻譯 - 中翻英 (Part 4) 極短

幫Panda 翻譯 - 中翻英 (Part 4) 極短 Panda太忙ㄌ, 希望真正英文高手幫翻...20 點!!!

為了讓跑者留下畢生難忘的經驗,今年The North Face 100國際越野挑戰賽更突破前兩年的固定路線 ,由士林區至善移師至新北市碧潭烏來舉辦,並行經有台灣亞馬遜之稱的哈盆古道,增加山徑野趣奔馳快感,以嶄新路線提供跑友挑戰。長達20公里的越野山徑,考驗長跑者在山野間的反應力、體能和耐力。

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    版大是行家,實在不敢在您面前耍大刀,就當作本人的練習題吧Q為了讓跑者留下畢生難忘的經驗,今年The North Face 100國際越野挑戰賽更突破前兩年的固定路線 ,由士林區至善移師至新北市碧潭烏來舉辦,並行經有台灣亞馬遜之稱的哈盆古道,增加山徑野趣奔馳快感,以嶄新路線提供跑友挑戰。長達20公里的越野山徑,考驗長跑者在山野間的反應力、體能和耐力。AIn order to make the runners remain an unforgettable experience in lifetime , this year ,「The North Face 100 」 International Cross-country Challenge -Race, even more broke through the routine path of that in the previous two years. It was held moving from Shihlin District, to New Taipei Bitan Wulai and passing through the Hapen old way, what so called Taiwan Amazon ,to increase the pleasant feeling and joy along the mountain path and wild field . This completely new path absolutely challenged all the runners. With this cross-country path up to 20 kilometers, it severely test the response丶physical power and endurance of those long-distance runners in the mountain and wild field.