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小靜 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

關於 family tree (請英文高手幫忙)20點

關於我的家庭短短介紹..我 &一個哥哥&我爸...媽..




(請英文高手幫忙 翻譯這些內容要 口述 2 minutes)

Thank much...

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  • 7 年前

    I would like to introduce my family brifely, about my father, mother, elder brother, and myself.

    Mainly I would like to talk about my father.

    My father's occupation is a skilled worker, 50 years old. He start to work when he is 14 years old. He started to work around in Taiwanese opera as a duty worker. When he is 24, he was working in Chang-Hwa and that is when he meets with my mother, got married when they turned 26, and my brother was born in the same year. Because he needs more money for the family, he headed north and found a job as a tour bus driver. He started to work in the company he is now as a technican when he is 42 years old. Due to family factor he became a single parent. He wants to span more time with his two children. I did not have an opportunity to spend much time with my father, therefore, I treasure each encounter with my father. Feel real sweet and happy when I to think back, and deeply thank for my father's care and love.

    參考資料: ~self~
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  • 7 年前

    My father is 50 years old this year occupation-skilled workers ... He's 14 years old, social. .... Performances in Taiwanese opera troupe busboy when he was 20 years old ... 24 years old to work in Changhua knew my mom ... 26 when two people get married ... When my brother was born ... My dad because the family ran to the North to work ... Open touring car ... After a few years returned to Changhua ... 30 years old and I was born ... He was also a running tour buses ... At the age of 42 different companies up to now be a skilled workers ... 46 family factors into a single parent ... Dad is to spend some time with our two young children ... Spending time with dad and don't have a lot of ... So cherish the moment and dad together at a time ... Reminiscent of the really very happy, very happy ... Thank you dad take care of care ...

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